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article imageTwo friends banned from all you can eat buffet for overeating

By Owen Weldon     Oct 4, 2012 in Odd News
Two customers were accused, by an all you can eat buffet, of regularly pigging out and that prompted the restaurant to ban them for life.
According to NY Daily, George Dalmon, 26, and Andy Miles, 25, got banned from GObi, a Mongolian barbecue buffet located in Brighton, England. GOBi offers their customers to order a dish as many times as they want for around $19.30.
The restaurant said that Dalmon and Miles would come in and eat five bowls of stir-fry during each visit, and this has been going on for about two years.
According to Huffington Post, an unnamed manager said that the pair has also never purchased anything else except for water and the buffet. The manager went onto say that the restaurant is not a charity and that they have the right to tell people not to come back if that is what they want to do.
According to BBC, Dalmon said that the owner of the restaurant came over to him and Miles as they were eating their last bowl of stir-fry, and they were told that they were disgusting and that they were nothing but filthy pigs.
The owner who banned them is on vacation, but he did admit to calling them pigs. The co-owner of the restaurant said that the pair usually messes the buffet up for other customers, and they push and shuffle people from the barbecue area. The co-owner went onto say that there is no need to push people in order to eat, because people have over five hours to eat what they like.
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