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article imageYouTuber solves 'Cincinnati Lights' UFO mystery

By JohnThomas Didymus     Oct 4, 2012 in Odd News
Cincinnati - A spoilsport YouTuber ruined the fun for UFO enthusiasts when he revealed that the "Cincinnati Lights" which caused excitement in the local UFO community were produced by skydivers during a pyrotechnics jump at the La Salle High School homecoming.
The YouTuber, "Galuyasdi, who, on September 29, posted the original video to YouTube, confirmed that lights in the night sky were not space invaders nor were they extraterrestrials landing but ordinary Earthlings skydiving during a sporting even. According to NBC News, a Start Skydiving team was doing a pyrotechnics show for La Salle High School's homecoming game.
The YouTuber filmed the lights while he was driving home from work with his family on September 28. The family spotted three flashing lights in the sky, lined up in a manner that "suggested" a flying saucer making slow stealthy descent.
According to, the lights were produced by about five skydivers wearing illuminated suits descending in a slow glide above the stadium. They were seen by hundreds in the city. People were puzzled and of course UFO enthusiasts went into ET rut over the sighting. Proof at last!
According to The Huffington Post, the sighting caused excitement because it was similar to the famous 1997 "Phoenix Lights" and the 2010 "El Paso Lights."
The Inquistr reports another incident in 2010 in which New Yorkers became convinced that alien paratroopers were descending to Earth after thousands of people spotted lights over the city. The lights were later explained as party balloons that escaped into the air.
NBC News comments: "It's always harder to track down the likely cause of a UFO sighting than to put up a video and just leave it at that. Hats off to the videographer and fellow investigators who solved their own mystery before it became a full-fledged UFO meme."
Examiner notes that 2012 has been a special year for UFOs possibly because expectations are high in Maya apocalypse prophetic circles.
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