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article imageOp-Ed: We are becoming consumer cattle of virtual goods

By Leah Gray     Oct 4, 2012 in Politics
As long as we in the West consume we will be looked after by our governments because consuming is our 'purpose'. We are consumer cattle. The method of 'farming' is about to be refined. The new sought after consumer goods are virtual.
In case it hasn't already occurred to you, we the general population of the West - the peasants , are and have always been 'cattle' for the rich and powerful who run the show. We create wealth for the rich by consuming ... the more emphasis there is on consumerism, the more 'we' the little man buy, the richer the big man gets.
It is for this reason our Western world leaders look after its people (National Health Service [NHS], Welfare and so on) our shepherds look after their flock. A well cared for flock breeds better, produces more and does more work ...willingly. Cattle that does not 'produce' or serve a useful purpose for the rich and powerful is not looked after.
In case you think this is madness consider the poor people of Africa and such places who have to rely on foreign aid to exist. Those people do not serve a purpose for their government so they are not looked after by their government. If their government could think of a way to make them useful, they would indeed 'look' after them. This, historically, has always been the case in our part of the world. Slaves were fed and servants were looked after, but people who served no useful purpose were left to starve and die.
With the advent of consumerism, the West has found a way to make all of us 'peasants' useful, including those who do not work.
As long as we consume we will be looked after because consuming is our 'purpose'. We are consumer cattle. Cows are farmed for their milk, we are farmed for our consumerism.
The future of consumerism is taking an interesting turn now technology permits it. The method of 'farming' is about to be refined just as all farming methods are always refined over time.
Why do the powers that be need to produce 'goods' for us to consume when they can provide virtual goods, virtual entertainment, virtual sporting activities for us to consume...non-existent goods that we pay for and yet cost next to nothing to produce. We already pay more, or at least as much, for virtual goods as we do for real goods .
Consider all the children presently nagging parents to let them subscribe to these online games. Money is required so they can buy 'virtual' items for their 'virtual' lives. Those children will grow up valuing their virtual goods as much as they do real goods. It will become the new symbol of status. They are being 'prepped' early for their future as consumer cattle of virtual goods.
We will no longer be concerned with the latest trainers..but the latest virtual trainers.
If we are consuming virtual goods, there will be next to no reason to manufacture real goods. As resources dwindle, air becomes polluted, home confinement is embraced and encouraged...virtual shopping and virtual entertainment will take it's place in our lives.
If you want to avoid being consumer cattle, stop consuming and most importantly not spend hard earned money on virtual goods and entertainment.
We may never be able to free ourselves from being 'farmed' as consumer cattle but at least we can stand up for our rights to dictate what we consume.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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