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article imageViral photo: Obama, Romney switch hair in presidential debate

By JohnThomas Didymus     Oct 4, 2012 in Internet
While analysis of last night's debate at the University of Denver between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney was just kicking off, an Oregon designer had more important questions on his mind: What would Romney and Obama look like if they exchanged hairstyles?
Shelby White carried out the Photoshopped hair transplant operation and posted the result to his Twitter account. The photo shows Romney's bushy coif sitting uncomfortably on Obama's head. The seemingly bemused expression on Obama's face may suggest he does not approve of the exchange.
MSN Now comments that the coif transplant makes Obama "resemble a sitcom dad from a really dated sitcom."
Obama and Romney switch hair
Obama and Romney switch hair
But Obama's close-cropped hair-style on Romney seems more fitting. Romney's new hair sits snugly on his skull, and the smile on his face appears approving of his new hairdo.
MSN Now suggests that "perhaps a new hairstyle is what Romney needs to get ahead in the polls."
Hope Romney takes the hint.
Shelby White
Shelby White
Eric Grant s tweet showing Shelby White s Photoshop of the presidential candidates
Eric Grant's tweet showing Shelby White's Photoshop of the presidential candidates
Shelby White
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