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article imageG-Spirits liquor poured over naked breasts before bottling

By JohnThomas Didymus     Oct 3, 2012 in Food
G-Spirits, a German liquor company, is drawing attention to its limited-edition line of spirits with the claim that they have the special distinction among liquors of having been poured over naked breasts of playmates and glamour models before bottling.
According to The Huffington Post, the liquor company, founded by a pair of former bartenders, says their company was "founded on the principle that liquor is about both taste and the 'special feeling' one gets when drinking."
According to G-Spirits website:
"For us there is nothing more than the eroticism of a beautiful woman. To create the perfect taste we let every single drop of our spirits run over the breasts of a special type of woman, a type we recognize in this liquor."
The company, standing on its principle that the ideal liquor is one that has been "filtered" through the naked breasts of a "special type of woman," gives the guarantee that "every drop" of its bottled rum, whiskey and vodkas have been so specially treated.
The company on its website describes its G. Rum No.1 as tropical rum stored in cask of French oak for 10 years before it was poured over 23-year-old Amima Malakona's breasts.
“After storing it in ex-bourbon casks for 10 years and 1 year in barrels of French oak, it was poured over Amina’s breasts, which lends it a unique erotic character.”
G-Spirits filtered through naked breasts of model
G-Spirits filtered through naked breasts of model
And for this "uniquely erotic" experience, G-Spirits is offering a bottle of G. Rum N0.1 at a price of 129,00 € ($166) a bottle.
Another special brand of the company's limited-edition alcohol, G. Whiskey No.1, is a 12-year-old single malt from Scotland, allowed to mature in barrels of sherry before it was subjected to special "filtering" treatment by being poured over Alexa Varga, the 2012 Hungary Playmate of the Year. According to the company's website, G. Whiskey No.1 is,
"a singlemalt which is unrivaled in its class, just as its representative Alexa."
Consumers of G.Whiskey No.1 should consider themselves privileged to acquire a bottle of this special Playmate breast-filtered alcohol at a paltry 139,00 € ($180) plus shipping.
G-Spirits recommends its Vargas-filtered liquor as coming in "unbelievably versatile flavors" that "range from roasted almonds, dried fruit, and toffee, to honey, vanilla, baked apples and cinnamon," with a finish that is "harmonic, well-balanced, spicy and long-lasting."
G-Spirits warns those who may delay in making up their minds to avail themselves of this uniquely kinky offer that the stock is limited to only 5,000 bottles that come with a certificate and original signature of the model and a guarantee that "every single drop" touched the model's bare breasts.
But if you prefer something less pricey than getting close to the Alexa Varga, Playmate of the year, through a bottle of liquor, you may want to try G.Vodka which was filtered through the mammary glands of Evelin Aubert, described as a "successful playmate and finalist of the Miss International Hungary" contest. The privilege of consuming Evelin Aubert's breast-filtered liquor comes at a price of 119,00 € ($153).
G-Spirits poured over naked breasts
G-Spirits poured over naked breasts
G-Spirits delivers all the liquor in its limited-edition line in bottles showing the image of the model whose breasts were used to treat the liquor content of the bottle.
Have you any questions of hygiene about treating liquor in this rather novel way? Gawker does.
G-Spirits assures inquiring would-be consumers: "We pay high attention to a hygienic filling process, furthermore medical personnel is present to check it."
Should we interpret this as a guarantee that the beautiful models were scrubbed and disinfected before their bodies were used to filter G-Spirits liquor? Or that the liquor is tested for STDs?
G-Spirits poured over breasts of naked models
G-Spirits poured over breasts of naked models
But it is doubtful that the men this type of promotion targets would find unwashed bodies of top class models unhygienic.
According to The Huffington Post, a KTLA reporter comments: "This is what really gives us men a bad name. Because there will be guys out there buying this stuff!"
Gawker describes the promotional stunt as "fairly tasteless" but "intended to titillate its potential clientele."
Odditiy Central writer, however, appears titillated by the idea of liquor that has run over a Playmate's breasts and then "down south" before being bottled:
"Until just a few minutes ago I thought the Naga Chilli Vodka was the hottest alcoholic drink in the world, but after seeing G-Spirits’ lineup, I’m just not sure anymore. I mean, I don’t care what you mix in your alcohol, it can’t possibly be as hot as whiskey that’s been poured on the chest of Alexa Varga, Hungary’s Playmate of the Year for 2012... this is probably the easiest way to get to second base with a beautiful girl..."
But if like this DJ reporter, you don't care for liquor that was filtered through Playmate breasts and then collected in bottles after running "down south," then you may opt for more modestly priced G-Spirit versions of the liquor offered.
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