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article imageOp-Ed: Chubby Bunny Challenge is a bad idea

By Richard Mccallum     Oct 3, 2012 in Health
Chicago Park - One of the dangerous legacies of MTV's megahit franchise "Jackass" may be that, despite the disclaimer not to recreate the program's audacious stunts, in the real world people do exactly that; sometimes with consequences that can end their lives.
The Chubby Bunny Challenge is often known as a social party game or Internet challenge as illustrated in the video which is a companion piece to this article.
The participants stuff their mouths with marshmallows while trying to repeat the phrase "Chubby Bunny" or the other variations such as: "Fluffy Monkey" , "Yummy Bunny", "Pudgy Monkey" or "Fluffy Bunny".
But according to a recent segment on the syndicated television program The Doctors the chubby bunny challenge may turn a seemingly innocent social gathering into premature preparations for a wake.
While many urban legends abound about the "game" there have been two documented cases where participants have died from suffocation due to throat blockage.
In 1999 12 year old Chicago resident Catherine Fish died while choking on four marshmallows during a Cake Fair being held at her elementary school and in 2006 London , Ontario native Janet Rudd died while participating in the dangerous game which was held during that city's annual Western Fair.
So if you happen to walk by the computer and see your child or loved one giggling at the numerous vidposts of the chubby bunny challenge which are currently frequenting the net, take a moment to tell them about this article- it may save their life!
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