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article imageSlow Mo guys are back again with a Molotov cocktail

By Elizabeth Batt     Oct 3, 2012 in Odd News
Remember Gav and Dan, AKA the Slow Mo Guys who exploded a watermelon with rubber bands? Well they're back with a new video. This time at the request of fans, they tackle the Molotov cocktail.
The wacky British duo have attracted quite a following on YouTube. In fact, their latest video posted on Sept. 28 has been viewed 1,226,608 times in less than a week.
In response to what the pair said was a "highly requested" feat, Gavin Free and Daniel Gruchy filmed what happened when they smashed a Molotov cocktail, AKA a petrol bomb, against the wall of Dan's grandparents' house. It smashed just to the right of Dan's bedroom window and not far from a wooden shed.
"Don't try this at home ... fools," the video says, "because of all the face melting and stuff," adds Gav.
Dan then lights the cocktail and lobs it at the wall. The reaction by both is instantaneous as flames climb the brick surface. Gav immediately exits the picture, with Dan close on his heels. It then appears to dawn on Dan that unless he extinguishes the flame, he might not have a bedroom (let alone a home) much longer, so he grabs a nearby hose and douses the fire.
As in the watermelon video, the Slow Mo guys play with the footage captured and twist it around. Shot at 2500 fps with a Phantom Flex camera system, Gav and Dan advise that the video is "best served in HD with headphones" because it shows "the beauty of fire at 100x slow motion."
The only thing the guys didn't tackle in the video was the aftermath and how they explained away the black stain or "the splooge of death" to Dan's grandparents.
"Do you have a broom?" asks Gav.
Some Windex probably wouldn't hurt either.
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