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article imageObama style a parody of Gangnam style (video)

By Ken Hanly     Oct 2, 2012 in Politics
Washington - There have been numerous parodies of the South Korean pop star PSY's Gangnam style. Inevitably the parodies are now in the realm of the presidential election in the U.S.
The original Gangnam Style video can be found many places including here. The video makes fun of the lifestyle of the rich and wealthy in a part of Seoul South Korea called Gangnam. Hence the name, Gangnam style. PSY is the dancer and singer.
There have been numerous parodies including one called Mitt Romney style which makes fun of Romney's riches. It can be found here. The parodies usually follow quite a few elements in the original so if you have not viewed the original it might help to watch it first.
The video I have appended is a parody called Obama style and there are a few of the same episodes as in the original but the Mitt Romney parody has more. I have appended the complete lyrics:
Obama style
Obama style
The last four years he's been saying change and hope-a
Promising and promising to get you back in yo job
Republicans say too much money spent and it's not kosha
Now they're coming back to take it over
Launched Obamacare
Went down to Pakistan and finally got Osama there
But when he tried to put a taxes on the millionaires
They want him out of there, they're saying it right on the air
An econo-mare
Is he our hero or is he zero?
I don't know (hey!)
I just don't know (hey!)
Should he stay in or should get out?
I don't know (hey!)
I just don't know (hey!)
Clint Eastwood thinks that he is invisible
Obama style
Obama style
Obama style
Hey, hope and change, yeah
Obama style
Hey, hope and change, yeah
He's loved by everyone from George Clooney to Oprah
But hated by everyone who's gone through a foreclosure
Now to win over 51 percent of voters
He'll need more than an awesome poster
If we put Romney there
He could bail us out himself cuz he is a billionaire
He is a Mormon rockin' out in magic underwear
Don't need to see your birth certificate (I was born here)
Just your tax returns
or Romney-Ryan?
I don't know (hey!)
I just don't know (hey!)
Black and charming
or white and corny?
I don't know
I just don't know
But I do know who would win in basketball
Obama style
Hey, hope and change, yeah
Obama style
Hey, hope and change, yeah
Obama got a job
And Romney want a job
But he and he and she and he
Man, they need a job
So we got a job
To vote who gets the job
But most of us will stay at home with our computers on
(Yo, are you insane?)
Obama style
Obama style
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