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article imageVideo: Watch 'The Bear Meets Nishanto'

By JohnThomas Didymus     Oct 2, 2012 in Internet
This video shows a home-owner, a lady, fearlessly shooing a large black bear she encounters climbing onto her porch. This is not the first time the bear has visited the house but it is the first time home-owner and bear meet.
The fully grown bear is shown walking leisurely across the lawn up the stairs to the deck. A man who appears to be the cameraman shouts to Nishanto as the bear mounts the stairs to the deck, "Chantelle... the bear is here."
Nishanto appears from inside her house and angrily, but authoritatively orders the bear away as though it were a trespassing pooch.
Nishanto shouts at the bear with a warning finger pointing, "Get down right now! No! No! No! Down!" And the bear, apparently cowed by Nishanto's fearlessness, turns around and hurries down the stairs and across the lawn.
The Daily Mail reports that although this is the first time Nishanto encounters the bear, it is not the first time the wild bear has wandered into the premises.
In a previous series (see above), YouTube user Nayana Grillo, captured the bear wandering on the lawn and helping itself to seed from a birdseed cage it encountered by the stairs.
The beast, apparently, still with pleasant memories of its meal of birdseed returns in the final video "The Bear Meets Nishanto," and encounters the home owner.
WTVR comments on the woman's bravery: "Stand your ground and fight back. Those are two suggestions the Mother Nature Network published in an article on how to survive an encounter with a black bear." But a YouTube user comments this could be dangerous because black bears are "killing machines."
YouTube users have witty comments about the sight of a frail woman ordering a massive black bear off her property:
JesseNation15 writes: "He (the bear) is like aww s**t, the b***h ain't playing."
Akmatti1 says: "Poor beast, he just wants to fit in."
Junkychan1: "She is someone's mother in law... poor guy."
Jamall3131: "Perharps the same line is yelled at the husband too."
Hensca's comment wins the prize: "Call your wife out onto the sundeck with a bear...much cheaper than divorce."
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