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article imageVideo: Oh doe! Deer sideswipes skateboarder going 40 mph

By Elizabeth Batt     Oct 1, 2012 in Odd News
Golden - When doing 40 mph down a mountainside riding a skateboard during a race, you might expect a collision or two. But not perhaps, with a deer.
For the past three years in Golden, Colorado, the Buffalo Bill Downhill has attracted over 200 skateboarding officianados from all over the globe. While we're almost certain that collisions are the norm in this particular sport, this skateboarder had no "ideer" that he'd get taken out by the local wildlife.
So, how did the deer cross the road?
Looking at the video the doe obviously decided just to bolt for it and hope for the best.
Unfortunately, she didn't quite make it as planned and did not expect to encounter that much speed either – these boarders are said to exceed 40 mph.
But the skateboarder – as shocked by the impact as the deer was, attempts to briefly maintain his balance by grabbing onto the running animal. Yet as she exits right, the doe yanks the Salt Lake City native clear off his board, and sends him crashing to the ground.
The video, uploaded to YouTube yesterday by user CasieNash, said the incident occurred when:
A group of longboarders are out bombing hills ...[and]... a deer does the one thing every suburban mom stuck behind longboarders on her way to the grocery store has wished she could do.
According to the Buffalo Bill Downhill website, the race, aptly nicknamed the 'Downhill Bloodspill', is "a long course with seven turns, four of them technical hairpins."
7News Denver reported that the skateboarder "suffered serious road rash but no broken bones."
The deer apparently, hoofed it.
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