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article imageDad posts 'shaming' image of pooping toddler, sparks outcry

By JohnThomas Didymus     Oct 1, 2012 in Internet
A Redditor who posted an image of his 3-yr-old daughter online with the message: "I pooped in the shower and daddy had to clean it up," has sparked a debate. Some say the image is funny, but most say it will embarrass the child when she is older.
The Redditor with the username Jagknowny, posted the photo of the child to Reddit with a caption "She's so proud of herself!" The full text of the message written on a homemade sign hung around the happy-faced toddler's neck reads:
"I pooped in the shower and daddy had to clean it up. I hereby sign this as permission to use in my yearbook senior year."
Most parents commenting say what is most objectionable about the father's action is that he posted the "shaming" image on a public board where it may cause the child embarrassment in the future because anyone can share it.
A few critical comments on read:
"The father is one sick piece of c**p."
"What ********. Someone needs to hang a sign on him for being a terrible father that exploits his poor toddler daughter."
"This is a very serious matter I wish social services could get involve in this."
The Huffington Post reports a Redditor comments: "You don't make a child tough and resilient by having her parents, who are meant to be the two people in the world she can trust absolutely, set out to embarrass her in the most public of settings. That makes a child insecure, because it teaches her she can't trust the people closest to her."
Another Redditor says: "[Young] kids don't really have enough sense to consent or understand the ramifications of something like this. This picture is digital, on the Internet, and could embarrass her for the rest of her life."
A Redditor posts what many say is a  shaming  image of his daughter
A Redditor posts what many say is a "shaming" image of his daughter
Another disapproving Redditor comments: "I can wait for the update to this like 15 years from now."
A very angry comment by a reader on TheDailyWhat reads:
"I think the father is an s.o.b... I... blame the mother for not stepping in to stop it so she just as much to blame... And the rest of the world who thinks it's funny shame on you. Your all are a bunch of p**s."
Jagknowny's reaction to critical comments was: "She can sue me for 'defecation.'"
Jagknowny's action is part of a controversial trend involving parents shaming children who have misbehaved by hanging embarrassing signs on their necks in public.
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