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article imageDanish Mag Se og Hor publishes Kate Middleton bottomless pics

By JohnThomas Didymus     Sep 29, 2012 in Lifestyle
Photos of Kate Middleton copied from the Danish magazine Se og Hoer, showing lower body frontal nudity of the Duchess of Cambridge, and another showing her naked buttocks in an embarrassingly revealing pose are being circulated widely online.
The photos hit the Web just as it seemed that the royal family was on top of the situation after obtaining a court injunction against the French Closer Magazine.
Both Digital Journal and The Huffington Post report that Se og Hoer announced earlier this month that it would publish Kate photos. The editor Kim Henningsen, reportedly told Belfast Telegraph: "It's a set of unique photos from an A-class celebrity. We are a leading gossip magazine in Denmark, and it is my job to publish them. If the British royal family want to sue us, then it will happen then and we'll deal with it... Our readers love to follow the lives of royalty and celebrities, and demand revealing news, up close."
The Huffington Post reports Henningsen added defensively: "It is in the DNA of Se og Hor to entertain and satisfy our readers' curiosity. Therefore, it is always relevant to us when a duchess and future queen of England is topless and still willingly shows her breasts to a public road."
According to E! News, the photos appear to belong to the same set of photos that included the topless photos Closer Magazine published earlier. The Daily Mail reports three of the photos in the 16-page special show a nude front shot of the Duchess of Cambridge changing her bikini bottom. The grainy image shows her with a towel draped ineffectually over her shoulders. Another shows William rubbing Kate's back and naked buttocks with a lotion as she bends over completely naked, a very unflattering pose for the Duchess of Cambridge and future queen of England.
NY Daily News reports that Se og Hor ("See and Hear") editor Kim Henningsen, told the Belfast Telegraph that his magazine was offered some 240 pictures but chose about 70. Henningsen would not reveal the photographer or how much the magazine bought the pictures. According to The Inqisitr, the Middleton collection of over 240 pictures consists of hundreds of even more revealing images that have not yet been published. Se og Hor has only published a few in its possession.
E! News reports that a spokesman for the royal family declined comment, saying, "Our stance is the same as before — we aren't commenting on any further legal action save to say all proportionate responses will be kept under review." The Huffington Post reports that "St James Palace" says it is considering "all appropriate responses" to the latest publication. According to The Huffington Post, the Swedish sister magazine of Se og Hoer, owned by Danish Aller Media, is also due to publish another set of photos.
Digital Journal reports lawyers of Prince William and Kate had obtained an injunction against Closer Magazine for breach of privacy. The magazine was ordered to hand over all digital copies of the topless pics in their possession to the royal family. According to the Daily Mail, the court ruling did not require the magazine to name the photographer under the legal right to protect identity of journalistic sources.
A French court also launched a criminal probe toe determine whether Closer and the photographer should face prosecution, E! News reports; and the editor of the Irish Daily Star was suspended for allowing his paper publish the topless images.
Meanwhile, the editor of Closer Magazine has said she has received death threats. She reportedly told Sky News Australia that she received "more than 300 insulting emails of which several contain death threats." She said 14 of the messages were reported to the police because they were so "menacing." One of the threats reportedly warned editor-in-chief Laurence Pieau: "Instead of a long lens, we'll get you in the sights of something a bit more powerful."
The latest publication confirm fears that the injunction against Closer would do nothing to stop the global spread of embarrassing pictures of Kate Middleton. Middleton photos have been published by Italian, French and Irish gossip magazines. Digital Journal reports Closer Magazine even claims it has "sex pics" of Kate. But Closer is unlikely to publish the photos having lost the legal battle with the royal family. But given the information that a Middleton photo may fetch $1 million dollars, a lot is at stake and there appears to be no shortage of gossip magazines willing to risk lawsuits for Middleton pics.
UPDATE: Digital Journal is reporting that the editor-in-chief of Se og Hor, Kim Henningsen, has denied media reports that the magazine has published nude photos of Kate Middleton. The magazine now says it has no plans to publish the photos reportedly in its possession.
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