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article imageObama's mom was porn star, claims DVD sent to swing-state voters

By Brett Wilkins     Sep 28, 2012 in Politics
A scandalous DVD claiming that President Barack Obama's mother posed for pornographic photos and that his real father was a communist poet who indoctrinated young Barack with Marxism is reportedly being mailed to more than a million swing-state voters.
The video, a pseudo-documentary produced by right-wing filmmaker Joel Gilbert, is titled "Dreams From My Real Father." According to MailOnline, Gilbert claims that more than a million copies of the salacious-- and fallacious-- video have been mailed to voters in Ohio, Nevada and New Hampshire, with as many as three million additional copies to be mailed in the near future.
Among the film's unfounded claims:
* That Barack Obama's mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, posed in various states of undress for pornographic magazines specializing in bondage while she was pregnant with Barack. There is no evidence that the woman in the photos shown in the film is Dunham.
* That Barack's real father was not Kenyan student Barack Obama Sr., but rather communist poet and labor activist Frank Marshall Davis, who indoctrinated young Barack with revolutionary Marxism.
* That Dunham's marriage to Obama was a sham meant to conceal her affair with Davis.
* That Barack's rise to power was "not a sudden political phenomenon," but rather "the culmination of an American socialist movement" that Davis "nurtured in Chicago and Hawaii, and has been quietly infiltrating the US economy, universities and media for decades."
Despite the slanderous nature of the allegations in Gilbert's film, so far Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has failed to repudiate it. Furthermore, at least one prominent Republican has embraced the video as factual.
Bill Armistead, chairman of the Alabama Republican Party, urged voters to see "Dreams From My Real Father," calling it "absolutely frightening" and "factual."
"I've seen it," Armistead told a gathering of conservative women in Fairhope last Wednesday. "I've verified that it's factual, all of it," he added.
But there is absolutely no evidence supporting any of the claims in the film.
"There are two motives behind this-- racism and money," Democratic consultant Steve Murphy told MailOnline.
"It's about the lowest thing you can do to accuse, with no evidence, the opposition candidate's mother of being a porn star."
Gilbert refused to disclose who funded "Dreams From My Real Father," saying only that the film was "privately funded." It was also not possible to verify his claim that millions of additional copies of the DVD were slated to be mailed out.
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