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article imageOp-Ed: PS3 to PS3 Slim to PS3 Even Slimmer

By James He     Sep 27, 2012 in Technology
It appears as if the video game industry is at a stand still. Both Microsoft and Sony failed to make improvements on the existing Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 (PS3).
Sony attempts to boost sales through its remaking of the PS3 Slim console, while making no improvements on the existing models. The new PS3 features an even more compact, lightweight, and mobile design.
However, is it really practical to improve mobility on a stationary play at home console? The obvious answer is no, unless you are one of those people that move their PlayStation 3 on a daily basis. So what exactly are the improvements?
The official specifications show that there will be two models to the PS3. There will be a 250GB model and a 500GB model. The new PS3 will be approximately 25% more compact to the PS3 Slim and 50% more compact compared to the PS3 original. A more compact design also means a much lighter weight, cutting the 7 lbs on the original to just slightly over 4.6 lbs.
Although the new PS3 will still keep the features introduced on the previous generations, there really isn't much improvement in terms of features.
Sony does not offer an improved gaming experience nor a selection of games enhanced and designed specifically for the new PS3. As for the moment, the new PS3 is mainly for those that want a console that takes up less space, emit less heat, and can possibly run for a much longer duration before a cool down period is required.
The starting price of this new line begins at 89.99 Euros or 269 USD. This console is aiming at providing a low cost gaming solution to gamers and is mainly targeting to those non-PS3 owners rather than those looking for an upgrade.
This is pretty much another disappointment as 269USD isn't exactly considered cheap especially when taking into account that the new even slimmer version requires less materials, assembly, and input costs to make.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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