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Search.XXX – The red-light district for Internet porn searches

By Andrew Moran     Sep 27, 2012 in Internet
Palm Beach Gardens - ICM Registry will officially launch Thursday a new pornography search engine: Search.XXX. For porn connoisseurs and enthusiasts in the world, searches will be much more secure, narrow and categorical.
Last week, it was announced by the registry operator for the .XXX top-level domain (TLD) for online adult entertainment that 40 .XXX domain names were sold for $650,000 according to a news release. The domain names were owned and reserved by the ICM Registry.
Some of the .XXX names were hentai.XXX, cougars.XXX and sluts.XXX as well other popular niche areas of the pornography market.
All of these websites can now be accessed using the ICM Registry’s search engine: Search.XXX. The company announced that there will be a lot of benefits for users, including searches being narrowed to your interests, it scans for viruses and malware and it separates your porn searches from everything else you search for on the web.
Furthermore, the search engine can also protect users’ privacy and past web browsing history. There are various Internet browsers, such as Google Chrome, that are combining address bar searches and autocomplete results, which could prove dangerous for admirers of porn and keeping it private.
“Porn is very personal,” said Stuart Lawley, ICM CEO, in an interview with Network World. “You may have been looking for Brazilian midget transsexuals, and you're sitting there at home with your kid or your wife saying, 'Let's go on a holiday to Brazil,' and the next thing, it's suggesting Brazilian midget transsexuals from your previous Google search history.”
He told Politico, “What happens on Search.XXX stays on Search.XXX.”
Also, Lawley explained that the search engine will give users the opportunity to look for porn without having multiple videos pop up, chat services initiating and large ads appearing on the main page, which is something, according to Lawley, happens quite often on .com websites.
“We have no ads, no videos, nothing on the search engine itself, so people can take a sort of calm and steady look at deciding what it is they want to select,” said Lawley.
Forbes reports that ICM is in the midst of launching micro-payments for content, akin to Apple’s iTunes. It will transpire only if Search.XXX is deemed successful and becomes popular for its users.
“We are generating traffic back to our customers,” said Lawley. “Registers over on the dotcom side don’t send traffic to their customers. We’re promoting our registrants, as a customer service. And it’s a better customer experience, which means more people are coming to our sites. And, as a business that’s what we want, because it means more people are buying .XXX domains.”
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