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article imageIsrael report says sanctions against Iran are working

By Darren Weir     Sep 27, 2012 in World
On the same day Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivers a speech to the United Nations on Iran, a leaked government report could temper his message, saying western sanctions are having an impact.
Haaretz reports an internal Foreign Ministry document, leaked to the newspaper, says sanctions have caused more damage to the Iranian economy than expected and are putting more domestic pressure on the Iranian government.
An unidentified Foreign Ministry official says, "There are indications that the average citizen is actually blaming Iranian leadership for the situation and not the West, which has imposed the sanctions."
The report, compiled with information from other countries that still maintain embassies in Tehran, says that one year ago, Iran was exporting 2.4 million barrels of oil each day, and that figure has now dropped to just one million barrels, cutting oil revenues by $40 billion so far this year.
As a result, Israel is asking the European Union to impose another round of sanctions to put more pressure on the Iranian regime to stop its nuclear program. Israel claims Iran is trying to develop a nuclear bomb, but the Iranians say they are simply trying to develop nuclear energy.
While the United Nations has already imposed four rounds of economic sanctions against the Iranian regime, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu argues that while they may be having some effect on the economy, they haven't convinced the government to stop its nuclear program.
Netanyahu addresses the United Nations today, pushing for tougher action to halt Iran's nuclear program including and urging the US to impose a "red line" against Iran that would signal an American strike on Iranian nuclear facilities. The Obama government has so far, refused to set those conditions.
Tomorrow, representatives of the six nations negotiating with Iran over the program, are scheduled to meet in New York to talk about the future of negotiations with Iran, that are currently at a stalemate. Iran has suggested it would halt enrichment of uranium above 20 percent, in exchange for a lifting of the sanctions.
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