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article imageGoogle is planning tablet market coup with $99 Nexus

By Oliver VanDervoort     Sep 27, 2012 in Technology
New reports are swirling around the tech sector that Google is getting set to launch two new tablets that could mark their most impressive charge into the market yet.
Digitimes is reporting that Google and Asus are planning to partner up on two new tablets that will be released later this year, perhaps just in time for the shopping season.
The first of the two tablets that Google and Asus are expected to release is a thinner and lighter version of the $199 Nexus 7. The second tablet is expected to be a $99 version of the Nexus and it is this particular version that could be a back breaker for other tablet makers.
The $99 tablet has always been dismissed the same way a sighting of a unicorn has, because there is generally thought to simply be too much cost involved in putting a tablet together. Amazon has said that they actually lose money on the sale of every Kindle Fire because the production was more than their sale price. If Google and Asus have found a way to make this $99 Nexus it could open up the tablet market to a whole new group of people who never considered getting one before now.
For it's part, Google has not commented at all and Asus has flatly denied these new tablets. While that could mean that Digitimes' report is baseless it does bear mentioning that Apple routinely denies reports when they surface about devices such the as iPad 2 and the iPhone 5.
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