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article imageOp-Ed: Is American conservatism a type of autism?

By Paul Wallis     Sep 27, 2012 in Politics
Washington - Autism is described as a medical condition whereby people are self-centred, uncommunicative and at a remove from their social environment. There are many different types of autism and degrees of it. A type of “social autism” is also quite possible.
Autism ticks all the boxes for behaviour in relation to social issues by conservatives. It seems that there is no society except the one they choose to acknowledge. This is “social autism”, and it comes in many forms.
Arguably the greatest insult ever given to the American Constitution is the conservative “hate the poor” dogma. This flies in the face of the American Dream where someone at the bottom can rise to the top. It effectively denies the rights of a large section of the American public.
We have a Presidential candidate who’s just disowned any interest in 47% of the American public. This is “policy” and the GOP hasn’t retracted one word in any shape or form. Apparently treating half of the American public like human beings isn’t on the agenda.
Nobody should be too surprised by this mindset. It’s the default thinking for modern conservatives.
These are the standard positions and their results:
1. American military veterans are treated like animals. Their problems don’t exist and don’t matter. “Our boys and girls” simply stop being part of the family.
2. The poor are criminals. They must be. Why else would they be poor?
3. Wall Street’s Finest are not criminals.
4. Sick people only get sick to take money away from the rich. Next time you get contact syphilis, remember that.
5. There is no other subject worth talking about but taxes.
6. The rich shouldn’t pay taxes.
7. The rich should get all the government contracts, which are paid for by taxes.
8. Ethnic groups are criminals. That’s why they have the wrong parents.
9. People deserve poverty. They’re poor because they want to be poor.
10. Immigrants, legal or otherwise, take jobs away from Americans. Therefore outsourcing whole industries to other countries and trashing American employment is good.
11. Crime is a problem caused exclusively by the poor, but organised crime and making billionaires out of criminals is a subject never mentioned.
12. There is no such thing as white collar crime.
13. Total social failure is not an issue.
14. Obstructing any type of assistance to those who need it is standard procedure.
15. There is no corruption in American politics. It’s another non-topic among so many.
16. There is no misuse of government money paid out in subsidies to corporations. Also not a topic.
17. Welfare is a crime to be screamed about, fraud isn’t even discussed.
18. Lying and fraud on a routine basis is acceptable when it comes to government contracts obtained under sweetheart deals with incumbents. See Iraq contracts for more details.
19. Escalating health care costs causing bankruptcies by the thousands are no basis for any sort of reform.
20. There is no environment. It's irrelevant. It doesn't matter.
21. There's no need for regulation of anything. It just gets in the way, never mind in the way of what.
Can this possibly be considered anything but an autistic viewpoint? Even the lying is based on the same mentality as a 2 year old who thinks they can get away with anything. Apparently anything which doesn’t directly benefit or relate to oneself isn’t on the conservative radar. That’s autism, incarnate. There’s 312 million people in America, and evidently most of them are just nuisances according to this mindset.
A recent atrocity, the lady in Georgia ridiculed and humiliated for using food stamps, shows how this mindset applies in real life. Some jumped-up nobody manager effectively assaulted this woman’s right to respect. This was harassment, it was unprovoked, and it had nothing to do with business. The store was obliged to accept those food stamps. Failure to do so would be a Federal offence. This jumped-up office boy had no right to impugn the lady’s right to use the government’s services, to which she was legally entitled.
This is a pattern and it’s now mainstream. People think they can get away with this sort of insult. Somehow other people’s interest just don’t deserve acknowledgement according to trashy conservative values. It’s no wonder Americans have totally lost faith in their representatives. They’re not being represented, at all.
America has lost something very valuable as a result of this social autism. It has lost its self-respect. No ideology can replace that. People know there will be screw-ups. They know, certainly, that their interests are at the back of the line, if anywhere at all. They know that their needs will not be met. Businesses know that they’re down the bottom of the pecking order and that no amount of “free enterprise” stacks up against insider networks. They can’t compete.
That’s the exact opposite of the ethos which made America great. America was the real original egalitarian democracy. It was the arsenal of democracy. It was the protector of democracy. Now, that democracy is a pay as you go democracy. Money buys rights, and you’re some sort of communist if you demand those rights in any other way.
Those rights were conferred upon the American people by the Constitution. No mere politician, lobbyist of paid flunky has any right to take them away. Those rights must be enforced.
I grew up in a very conservative environment. This was real 1% territory, and it was 100% of the 1%. We had a conservative rep, who happened to mention in conversation in our own living room that we had no choice but to vote for him. This was in the days of militant unionism, during the Cold War. The split in choices could not possibly have been more clear. He was out, next election, and never came back into office. He was telling us how to vote. Nobodies don’t tell somebodies how to do anything. He was out of line. He was dead.
For all the pseudo-conservatives, let’s set the record straight. Conservatives expect conservative reps and Senators to do their jobs properly, and run the country properly. Just “being a conservative” isn’t a qualification. Being a spineless nobody in a Super PAC isn’t a qualification. You can’t impress real conservatives with a suit and grovelling. You’re expected to uphold the democracy, not destroy it.
For the paid conservatives- Who the hell do you think you’re kidding? You think nobody can see through that load of crap? Don’t pretend to be something you’re not to people who know better. You’re as representative of real conservatism as a dog’s backside is representative of American literature. I don’t know who let you in, but you can let yourselves out, if you can figure out how to use a supermarket automatic door.
Good luck in November, America, you can make some luck for yourselves then. America has suffered too much for way too long. I hope my American friends and relatives are out of the firing line for the next load of disasters.
I just received a very courteous request to take down this post from a father of an autistic child. I explained to this gentleman that the entire purpose of this article was to hit the conservatives with their own standards, portraying them as afflicted with a disability. I am absolutely baffled that this piece, which is intended to be an attack on the mindset which appears determined to destroy millions of lives and make poverty, healthcare and social disadvantages worse, could possibly have been construed as any sort of vilification or attack on autistic people. I'm getting attacked by the people I'm trying to protect, and there's not one single word attacking autistic people in the entire 1200 words plus. There are no disparaging references to autistic people at all, anywhere in the text. All references refer to conservative policies and statements on record and proven incidents.
There was and is no intent to vilify autistic people. If there's an explanation for the idea that there is, I'd like to hear it. I've since contacted L.E.A.N.onUS on Facebook to ask for clarification of their position, which was copied verbatim by Ms. Gammicchia. Until I see adequate information to explain how this article has been so utterly misconstrued, that's my final word on the subject.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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