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article imageVideo of caterpillar entertaining gorillas goes viral

By Greta McClain     Sep 25, 2012 in Environment
Calgary - A video of Calgary Zoo gorillas, which appear to be enthralled by a tiny caterpillar which began crawling across the door of their habitat, has gone viral on YouTube.
The Western Lowland Gorillas appear to be curious and perhaps even a bit perplexed when they first notice the fuzzy little insect crawling across the habitat door. One of the gorillas even makes an inquisitive face, according to Yahoo News, getting extremely close to the caterpillar but never attempting to touch it.
Another gorilla approaches and it too appears to be fascinated with the caterpillar, even shoving the first gorilla aside so it can get a better look. The gorillas seem perfectly content, sitting there and letting the tiny creature entertain them. The caterpillar meanwhile seems either totally oblivious to the presence of the gorillas or just not very concerned or intimidated by the towering creatures so close by.
One YouTube view points out that the gorillas are not the only ones easily entertained, saying: "And we are entertained by the gorillas being entertained by a caterpiller, one step´╗┐ up on the evolutionary chain ..."
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