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article imageGun — Still taking on the world Special

By Alexander Baron     Sep 25, 2012 in Entertainment
Glasgow - Rockers Gun have been hard at work, but they found time through Andrew Thompson of their management team to answer a few questions from a rock fan who is even older than they are.
Earlier this month I reported on a new tour by Gun; now I am pleased to report a few words from the guys themselves through their management courtesy of Andrew Thompson.
AB: Andrew, thanks for you and the guys talking to us. I should point out that I bought your first album shortly after it came out. I never heard anything about the band after that. Can I ask you a few questions about those early days? Money (Everybody Loves Her) is one of the most uptempo tracks on the band's debut album Taking On The World. Can I ask what inspired it?
AT: ...just the fact that really there is no better feeling than having a bit of money in your pocket, it gives you choices in life. Who doesn't like that feeling of being a millionaire for a day when you get your wages?
AB: When did you produce the extended version?
AT: About a year after the album was released...most of the rock clubs were playing 12 inch tracks, so we decided to record the extended version to get some club airplay.
AB: Can I ask what inspired Can't Get Any Lower? Is this a generic song or is there a sad tale behind it?
AT: You are right, it is a generic song that pretty much encompasses everyone who has ever had a low point in their lives. There wasn't anything particularly personal apart from observations from the environment in which we grew up.
AB: I found a version of this on YouTube by Blind Allez; this is an entirely different band now but did you make any studio recordings under your original name?
AT: As Blind Allez we only recorded demos that got some local radio play. I suppose it was this that gave me a taste of what could come about being in a band.
AB: Did you ever have money to burn? [An allusion to another Gun song].
AT: Never had the good fortune to ever have that much money:)) I guess the song is about people who have :))
AB: You appeared on Top Of The Pops when Steal Your Fire was released. Was this your only appearance? I couldn't make out if you were performing live, but it looked like the bass player was playing the guitar solo.
AT: We've had about half a dozen appearances on Top Of The Pops, and yip you've sussed us out:))) Back in the day we were on TOTP it was only the vocals that were live and the rest was playback. And as for Dante, he always fancied himself as an axe man so he probably was playing a guitar solo:)))
AB: That was released both as a 7 inch and a 12 inch. How did sales go?
AT: To be honest I couldn't give you figures around sales, it did well enough, however what I can tell you is I've spent the money from it and it wasn't enough to retire on :))))
AB: What is the story behind that song?
AT: In short, plagiarism, stealing someone's thunder, taking credit for something.
AB: What do you have planned for the future?
AT: Hopefully retiring on sales of the new album Break The Silence.:)))) if that doesn't happen, getting back out in Europe to play some live shows, a UK tour towards the end of the year beginning of next year and of course more songwriting. Hopefully you and your readers will give the new record a listen and let us know what you think of it on our GUN official Facebook page:)))
AB: What do you think about Andy Murray - first the Olympics, now New York?
AT: We heard that on the break he had between the 4th and 5th set he listened to Butcher Man a track from Break The Silence, came out all pumped up and the rest is history :))) (we wish that was the story)...on a more serious note...I think he is great and he thoroughly deserved both wins, hard work and dedication paid off. The New York match was one of the most exciting I've watched in a long time. When it went to the fifth set I knew he was going to win when he looked at his coaching team and told them to calm down :)))))
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