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article imagePaul Ryan urges Ron Paul supporters to not 'vote for Ron Paul'

By Andrew Moran     Sep 25, 2012 in Politics
Lima - Don't want President Barack Obama to be re-elected in November? Then "don't vote for Ron Paul." These were the words of Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan to supporters of the libertarian-leaning Texas congressman.
Speaking at a campaign event in Lima, Ohio, on Monday, Paul Ryan was asked why libertarians, supporters of three-time presidential candidate Ron Paul and the Pony Party’s Vermin Supreme should cast their ballot for former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney on Nov. 6.
If you don’t want to see President Barack Obama return for a second term, Ryan said, then you shouldn’t vote for Dr. Paul or a third-party candidate, like Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson, because they will split the vote and take away support from Romney.
He did court Paul supporters in the same response by explaining that he agrees with the retiring Texas representative on a number of aspects pertaining to the Federal Reserve and the government’s role in an economy.
“There are many things that Ron has championed that I am a believer in. Especially liberty and sound money. Look at where we are. And this is where we all see eye to eye. We believe in limited government and economic freedom,” said the six-term Wisconsin congressman and chair of the House Budget Committee, who noted that Paul is a friend of his, according to Yahoo! News.
“And on an issue where Ron has been particularly explicit, the Federal Reserve is yet again trying to bail out the fact that Obama, President Obama has failed on fiscal policy. All of this money printing, which is coming from the Federal Reserve, risks debasing our currency. It risks undermining the value of our dollar, it risks increasing prices on things like food and gas.”
Ryan added that one of the worst things a government can do to its people is debase its currency. “We need sound money; we need our money to have a reliable store of value, especially for people living on fixed incomes. That's an area we feel very strong about.”
Although Ryan has said that he agrees with Paul’s stances regarding the government’s role in an economy, he has supported the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), supported eminent domain to seize private property for private use, voted to increase the debt ceiling, voted to subsidize big businesses in the agriculture sector and did not vote in favor to extend the payroll tax cuts.
Ryan did support Paul’s Audit the Fed bill, which passed overwhelmingly in the House.
Meanwhile, Romney has stated in the past that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has done a good job and he should have been re-appointed. In recent months, the former governor has harshly criticized Bernanke and has called for his removal.
Paul has not endorsed Romney for president and has said on occasion that he has no plans to support him. Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has already endorsed Romney.
Real Clear Politics reports that Obama maintains a near four-point lead over Romney in the national polls. Also, Obama holds leads in key battleground states, such as Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan.
For information on Vermin Supreme, click here.
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