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article imageVideo: Mind reader's gift comes from online information

By Elizabeth Batt     Sep 25, 2012 in Technology
Brussels - Dave is a clairvoyant and a good one by all accounts. As he begins to read people in Belgium they are astonished by his knowledge. But then Dave crosses over into their private financial info, and the smiles soon turn to grimaces.
The video, produced by the Belgian Financial Sector Federation, is designed to target unsuspecting users of the Internet and the information that they inadvertently reveal while on their computers. The randomly selected group of people initially believe they are taking part in an upcoming reality show that involves having their minds read by Dave. But these folks get far more than they bargained for.
The parade of peeps ushered into a tent to meet with the mind master are eager and bubbly to begin their sessions, and indeed Dave does not disappoint.
"I feel two insects on your back," Dave tells a young female.
"They're butterflies," she responds.
Dave tells another young woman, "Interesting love life. I see three? Four people?"
"Not a lot of people know that!" the woman replies.
But suddenly the mood changes and the calming white environment takes on a sinister tone. Dave begins to cross the boundaries revealing personal and private financial information, right down to the account number of a credit card.
"I see money and transactions" Dave says. "Do you know your bank account number?" he asks one female, "because I do." To another woman he boldly reveals, "I see a negative balance."
She is so astonished that her wide smile evolves into a look of distress.
Things then become even more strange as the clairvoyant begins to specify to individuals in detail, just how much money was spent on clothes and alcohol in one month. By this time, the participants are positively squirming in their seats.
After the glee has given way to an uncomfortable disbelief, a canvas wall is dropped to the ground revealing Dave's secret, masked hackers punching away at keyboards grinding out real-time information on a large monitor screen. In the foreground, the display of personal data is there for everyone to see.
"That's scary!" says one shell shocked female.
"Your entire life is online," warns the monitor, "And it might be used against you."
The video, posted at YouTube by Febelfin, the Belgian Financial Sector Federation is designed to shock and awe as part of a campaign for safe online banking. It is one of the latest promos being used to warn people about what they unknowingly share across the Internet.
On Sept. 5, a new Cybercrime report by security company Symantec, revealed that an estimated 556 million adults across the world had first-hand experience of cybercrime over a period of one year.
This was more than the "entire population of the European Union," said, and "equates to nearly half of all adults online (46 percent)."
The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) also reports that social media fraud has become a significant issue with "Cyber criminals increasingly using social media to engage in identity theft and entice individuals to download malicious code or reveal passwords."
According to Norton Security, a Symantec company, "Configuring popular Internet applications such as your Web browser and email software, is one of the most important areas to focus on." This is just one of several top protection tips computer users can access at the Norton website.
Also available is Norton's new Cybercrime Index gadget, a free tool that when downloaded, measures and warns people about real-time cybercrime happening around the world.
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