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article imageSingle mom to Romney: 'You jerk, my kids deserve health care'

By Greta McClain     Sep 25, 2012 in Politics
Mitt Romney's "47 percent" comments appear to still haunt him, this time in the form of a single working mother of two children who was forced to turn to Medicaid to make sure her children had access to health care.
Gracie Fowler, a 35 year-old an Orlando, FL woman, received her college degree in May 2011. She found even with a degree, finding a job was difficult. In January of this year she began working for a mortgage-title processing company making $11 an hour, but was laid off earlier this month. To ensure her children, ages 7 and 8, had health care, she turned to Medicaid. She also receives food stamps for her children but she is not content with having to depend on the government for help.
It isn't that Fowler did not want to pay income tax, or even that she used loopholes in the tax code to avoid paying taxes when she was employed. She simply did not earn enough money to pay income taxes last year and she won't make enough this year either.
Fowler does not agree with Romney's comment that 47 percent of Americans "believe that government has the responsibility to care for them." She does believe her children deserve health care however, telling the Huffington Post: "Who wants to be poor? Half of Americans? What an ugly, ugly statement about Americans? Being poor has never been the place you want to be. You jerk. My children are entitled to health care. They're humans."
Andrea is another single mom working six days-a-week, often at 50 hours a week as a home health aide. She is making $8.40 an hour. According to Forbes, she would earn $420 for a 50-hour week, which over the course of a year would amount to $21,840, well below the income tax threshold for a single mother with one dependent child.
Andrea could have chosen to make a half hearted effort to find employment, and raised her child while living off the system. She chose however to find honest work and manage as best as she could. She may be part of the "47 percent", but does not consider herself a victim, or expect the government to take care of her.
For Fowler, Romney's 47 percent are in reality the "half of us who are dying and crying every day, you know, having a hard time feeding our children. You can't be in contempt for half the population and be president. This is the message that [he] just sent to Americans and it was off the chain."
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