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article imageRapper Kwayzar, 83, brags, 'I Can Still Do It'

By JohnThomas Didymus     Sep 24, 2012 in Entertainment
Rapper Kwayzar delights with his brand of "politically driven Cyber Rap," as he calls it. His first single "I Can Still Do it," is going viral online. Stanley Jerry Hoffman (a.k.a Rapper Kwayzar) assures ladies, he's still got his mojo working at 83.
According to Mashable, Kwayzar seems set to prove that age is just a number. He released his latest rap single "I Can Still Do It" in March. The Downey Patriot reports he says the title is a metaphor for the young and old not to give up on their dreams.
According to MSN Now, he also released another single, "The Vote of a Lifetime," in support of Obama. But his efforts would probably have gone unnoticed but for a chance incident in which he met a girl at a bakery whom he told he is a rapper.The girl happened to know a Redditor who posted his video to Reddit. The video made it very quickly to the front page.
In the video, he talks about how at 83, he still commands ladies' attention and how he is still good at doing "it." His rap comes with some strong language, but that is what rap is about. Gawker reports Rapper Kwayzar The Seer calls himself "the world's only and oldest cyber rapper." To his credit, the claim remains uncontested.
In his Facebook page, he boasts he is "on top of modern political, moral, and social issues." He's the "cyber pied piper leading a new generation of followers, young and old, into a brave new world where we are no longer controlled by the accepted thinking of older generations." He promises we'll be "amazed at his futuristic abilities in rhyming." And this is no idle marketing boast, his video speaks for him.
In an interview with The Downey Patriot, he explained: "Writing and producing rap videos keeps me busy, keeps me active, and keeps me well. I hope to be an inspiration especially to older people that they, too, can and should still lead productive, and thus meaningful, lives. The whole thing has become a labor of love."
And of course at 83, taking a walk down memory lane brings up rare recollections. According to The Downey Patriot, he had a long career in the entertainment industry as a comedian, musician, and actor. He almost got a part in the old "Our Gang" TV series. The Downey Patriot reports Kwayzar recalls: "20th Century Fox needed a little redheaded boy and I was perfect for the part, with the perfect height and everything... just carrot red, and I had a mass of freckles. I was five at the time, and had already been taking diction lessons, but something unforeseen happened."
He enlisted in the Navy during World War II. He was stationed in Shangai where, according to The Downy Patriot, he "saw dead bodies of G.I.s floating in the Whangpoo River, which was a tributary of the Yangtze."
He returned to showbiz after the war: "I wanted to be a comedian in the movies." But though he did not achieve fame and fortune in the entertainment industry, he did not give up his dreams. He changed his name to Kwayzar after he went into rap music. He says his rap is influenced by Ice Cube and Eminem
Rapper Kwayzar says he is now into rap music writing and production fulltime. He uploads his productions to YouTube.
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