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article imageNew Zealand woman launches wedding ring into space

By Leigh Goessl     Sep 24, 2012 in World
Christchurch - After a divorce occurs, many people try to distance themselves from their former relationship. One New Zealand woman wanted to separate herself permanently from a former marriage and to do it, she launched her wedding ring into space.
The woman said she wanted to make a statement, both to herself and to her ex-husband.
Rebecca Gibbs, of Christchurch, New Zealand, had moved from Britain back to her home country after her divorce. She had subsequently gotten rid of most of the possessions associated with her former marriage, but the one item remaining was her wedding ring.
"I found when I came back I had so much stuff left from our life and wedding I had to get rid of, so Mum and friends helped, and I gave away my wedding dress, but I was left with this ring and I didn't really know what to do with it," Gibbs said.
Her ex-husband had reportedly been trying to get back together after their divorce, emailing her for over a year. The couple had been married for four years, and reportedly, Gibbs had described the relationship as "awful" in a Facebook post she'd made.
According to Mashable, Gibbs indicated selling the ring to a pawn shop wasn't "going to cut it."
A rocket scientist, who happens to be the brother of the individual Gibbs is currently in a relationship with, gave her the idea to launch the ring into space. Once she was given this solution, Gibbs said she felt this was the way to go. With the help of those with know-how of rockets, pre-launch she painted the rocket with flames and a baby Simba.
"I just thought that was awesome and it was a really liberating experience for me, and while it was for me, it was also for him, to let him know it was completely over," Gibbs told New Zealand online publication "It was uplifting, liberating, and it was really supposed to be a positive step, which it was. It was also a lot of fun blasting a rocket into the sky."
A video was taken of the ring-launch, however has since reportedly been taken down off YouTube, reported the Huffington Post.
No one knows how far the ring was catapulted, however, it seems Gibbs found a unique way to sever that last tie to her former marriage that worked for her.
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