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article imageOp-Ed: Islamic Radicals threaten free speech in the West

By Eliot Elwar     Sep 23, 2012 in World
This week, Egypt and Pakistan attacked free speech in the West. According to press reports, Egypt Salafi urges U.N. to criminalize contempt of Islam, while a Pakistani bounty was placed on anti-Islam filmmaker.
From Reuters News: Egypt's president and other Muslim leaders should demand the U.N. criminalize contempt of religion after the release of an anti-Islamic film and cartoons which demonstrate growing racism, said the leader of the biggest ultra-orthodox Islamist party.
From Yahoo News: A Pakistani minister offered $100,000 on Saturday to anyone who kills the maker of an online video which insults Islam, as sporadic protests rumbled on across parts of the Muslim world.
While anti-Muslim religious bigotry is wrong, free speech must remain free in America and the West. Placing a bounty on a person’s head simply because he or she disagrees with your beliefs is ignorant and profoundly medieval. Radical Muslims can sense Obama’s weakness and they are trying to enact Sharia law in America. They are trying to intimidate Americans into giving up the First Amendment right for free speech. Radical Islamists want nothing negative said about their religion. We are often told by Western Muslim apologists that Islam is a religion of peace and toleration, but what we observe is violence and murder against people who simply disagree with Islam’s region.
The current radical Muslim attacks and threats against the West reflect fascist thinking and action. It demonstrates Islam’s power over Europe and America's increasing weakness. Muslim radicals will eventually use the United Nations to attempt their suppression of American and Western freedoms. This is the real face of Islamic power and influence rising worldwide as it was under Muhammad in the 7th century Mideast. A dreadful gloom is proliferating across the planet Earth. These recent events parallel Nazism in Germany, but on a significantly larger scale. Like Nazism, Islamic radicals and their sharia law cannot be stopped with words of appeasement. This movement can only be stopped with force. The entire Mideast is heading for war. Failure to stop the global jihad against the West means that we will all be praying five times daily facing Mecca.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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