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article imageStyle expert looks at the Emmys — Parties bring out the stars

By Tim O'Brien     Sep 22, 2012 in Entertainment
Los Angeles - It is time to gaze into the crystal ball to predict some jewelry trends for the Emmy Awards. Actually, let's let leading style expert Michael O'Connor do that, as he offers up some trends he sees.
Not only does he see the trends, he has curated a selection of one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces from world-renowned designers for celebrities to borrow for the red carpet. From multi-colored gemstone earrings to diamond cufflinks, O'Connor will accessorize Hollywood's leading stars with the most exquisite, highest quality jewelry. He can also be seen on Reelz Channel. For samples, head here.
As the Emmys approach, O'Connor sees "an overall fascination with bold and glamorous accessories this year - many looks reminiscent of Hollywood's heydays." For a complete look at his predictions, head here, as he gives it in his own words.
More Emmy notes:
PARTY - On Sept. 21, TV Academy Performers Nominees Reception featured Spectra by Wolfgang Puck. It was held at the Pacific Design Center. The main reason for this party is to hand out the nomination certificates. That doesn't mean they all show up, as other parties for nominees are held as well. But it is this one where the stars were do show up. Other parties were held Friday as the night progressed including Entertainment Weekly. Among those who attended the nominees part were Bryan Cranston, Zooey Deschanel, Martha Plimpton, Loretta Devine, Mare Winningham, Julia Ormond, Eric Stonestreet, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Kevin Costner and Amy Poehler. The official Emmy reception, it was noted, is the Women In Film party in Beverly Hills. On the menu: kale salad, roasted chicken and grilled skirt streak, so noted the Washington Post, and others. Some at the EW party were Julianna Margulies, Allison Janney, Sarah Paulson, Andrew Rannells, Krysten Ritter, Joe Manganiello, Shenae Grimes, Elisabeth Moss and Jennie Garth. For more, head here.
TIRED - Seems like many have grown tired of "Modern Family," yet it just may win again. It is true that the actors in the show do not enter the Best Actor and Actress categories - on purpose - ONLY supporting categories. It is a show on unity until that contract thing came up, right? It looks like the critics favor "Girls" on this one and the fan favorite is "The Big Bang Theory." In the end, that doesn't mean a whole lot.
CABLE VS NETS - Make no mistake about it, Emmy folk are very aware that no network television drama is nominated in the Best Drama category - that will hurt the ratings Sunday night. But, so will football on NBC. Football rules the ratings. It is always a shock that a show honoring TV does so poorly in the ratings. Well, perhaps it is because those nominated shows, albeit good dramas, are seen by so few people - overall. CBS and its dramas are the most-watched as are its comedies. Hence, the fan favorite "The Big Bang Theory." For the record, the second most-watched comedy is also on CBS, "Two Broke Girls." Cable gets the headlines for its daring focus on the drama and comedy, but they also can inject more sex, violence and vulgarity. So, is it harder to act in a show that doesn't allow that, or one which does?
OOPS - Because of a mistake, two categories had to be voted on again. They were Best Actress Comedy and Best Supporting Actor Comedy. Not a big deal to some, but for those who voted and forget the next time around may make for a couple of interesting picks. The deadline for the new voting was Sept. 17, less than a week from the show.
IN MEMORY - One of the best moments of the night is always In Memoriam. Well after Andy Griffith died, it was a no-brainer that he would be singled out for a segment. Not so fast, time is always tight in these shows. Then, after Dick Clark and Mike Wallace passed away, that idea might have been muted. Just to name a few more makes this more clear - Ernest Borgnine, Richard Dawson, Phyllis Diller and Sherman Hemsley. Oh, and Chad Everett and Harry Morgan. See, it would not be fair. But, who knows?
SEATING - When watching Sunday night, look at where a person sits. It is Hollywood agent power plays and egos at play here. Plus, TV shows are together, for the most part, so, which ones get the front seats and all the rest. Have fun with this one. When one heads on stage, a seat filler takes over and that is always an odd thing to see.
BALL - They are looking for up to 4,000 to head to the Governors Ball after the show, which is not at Nokia Theater, but at the Convention Center, a block away. To get an idea of this, there is the Staples Center (Lakers), Nokia and the Convention Center, in this area. It was all part of the plan to revitalize downtown L.A. It seems to be working.
RED CARPET - The red carpet was rolled out Wednesday (Sept. 19).
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