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article imageDoes this papyrus prove that Jesus was married?

By Melissa Horrocks     Sep 22, 2012 in World
Jesus is the sacrificial lamb, that was killed to save sinners. Yet, recently it was discovered that Jesus may have had a wife. A piece of papyrus has been found that claims Jesus spoke of his so-called wife and confirmed her role as a supposed disciple.
BBC News reports, that the Gospel known as the "Gospel of Jesus's Wife" totally transforms the comprehension of the early Christian world.
The 4th Century papyrus has a fragment from a lost gospel that Professor King dates to the 2nd Century and informs people that Jesus was a family man who was willing to speak up for his wife and mother. This was reported in the news, a number of days ago. However, the report is not sending Christians into shock, like some publications have claimed.
Many people are dismissing the ancient fragment as unimportant or fake. The fragment seems to appeal more to those who like fictional books, rather than the truth. The small, torn papyrus has eight, incomplete lines of Coptic script, according to Global Christian Post.
Professor King received the fragment from an unnamed private collector. There is absolutely nothing that is known about the circumstances of the discovery, apart from that it was excavated from an area in Upper Egypt. The phrase on the papyrus says that, "Jesus said to them, 'My wife ... " However, King has stated that this does not prove Jesus was married. Simply that early Christians debated whether Jesus was married.
Dr. Christian Askeland, a professional in Coptic manuscripts, has revealed that specialists in Nag Hammadi and early manuscripts are very skeptical about its authenticity. Askeland stated that the fragment is not a literal codex leaf. There is no clear, concrete evidence that can conclusively outweigh the strangeness of the supposed manuscript.
The papyrus fragment appeared earlier this week and caused a global sensation. However, experts suggest that the fragment was taken from the Gospel of Thomas, placed out of order and copied to make a suggestive new whole. Academics have been debating this discovery fiercely.
In the fragment, there is a line break in the middle of one word, that looks like it has been lifted directly from modern editions of the Gospel of Thomas, a genuine Gnostic or early Christian text. It is very rare, for the same break to appear in the same work, in two different manuscripts. There was a similar scandal in the 1970's that was presented as a variant of the Gospel according to Mark, where Jesus spent the night with naked youths, according to Gulf News.
Professor Francis Watson, of Durham University, argued in a paper published online, that all of the sentence fragments of the papyrus fragment have been forged. It is believed to be a modern forgery, but it may also have been composed in the fourth century. Watson believes that it was not written by a native speaker of Coptic. Watson does not criticize Professor King, but instead claims she has done an excellent job of presenting the evidence and images in the disputed fragment. It has long been debated that Jesus may have married. In more recent years, this was a key part of the plot in Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code, reports The Guardian.
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