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article imageToronto Mayor denies his family company jumped queue to fix road Special

By Andrew Moran     Sep 23, 2012 in Politics
Toronto - Speaking at Canada's Walk of Fame to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the 1972 Summit Series, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford spoke to reporters regarding the recent controversy regarding road repairs near his family business Deco Labels and Tags.
When the mayor requested the city to fill potholes ahead of the company’s 50th anniversary celebration, there was no wrongdoing, according to Ford, who spoke to reporters outside of city hall Friday afternoon.
The mayor explained that when you see the stretch of Greensboro Drive in Etobicoke, where his family’s business is located, the road is quite damaged with a lot of parts missing asphalt and the culverts torn up.
“Like I’ve done over the last 12 years, if there’s potholes, they have to get fixed. If you go up to Greensboro I think you can see it quite evidently, the edges of the road, there’s huge pieces of concrete, uh, asphalt that were missing. The culverts were ripped up,” stated Ford, alongside his brother, Councillor Doug Ford. “That’s city work that had to be done. Deco didn’t get any preferential treatment here. I have done this over and over and over when people call me.”
He went onto explain that potholes in the city should be repaired in Toronto between three and five days, but Deco has waited between three and four years. He added that whoever has accused the company of getting ahead in line “is an outright liar” because Deco has “never jumped the queue.”
“We just wanted to have the road fixed because we had hundreds of people coming. And if someone twists their ankle, the first thing that people would say, ‘Well, you knew there was potholes there and you never called them in.’ That’s all we did.”
When it was suggested that someone from Deco should have made the request to the city, Ford replied that he would have been accused of “hiding behind someone at Deco.” The mayor repeatedly said that he did nothing wrong and just got the city to fix it.
“You want someone to twist their ankle on a city road? No, [because] then we’d be sued,” said the mayor. “The taxpayers had to pay for, obviously, to fix the road, but that had to be done anyways. And when you’re hosting a party, that’s the prudent thing to do. You don’t let someone twist an ankle when you know you’re hosting hundreds of people.”
Ford concluded that when constituents call him, whether they’re business owners or homeowners, he goes out and gets it fixed. This has been a practice he has been doing for years for “hundreds and thousands of businesses” and “hundreds and thousands of homeowners.”
“Why don’t you trying calling on your street?,” said Councillor Ford. “We’ll be there in five minutes.”
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