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article imageOp-Ed: Obama’s secret plan for running the country:

By Christopher Wager     Sep 21, 2012 in Politics
Now more than ever the country is in need of its Commander in Chief. However, the current philosophy of the White House administration proves to be self-serving to the president with little regard to the welfare of the country.
Recently, as reported by several news outlets such as ABC, CNN, Fox NEWS, and, a number of key issues have come full circle and are demanding attention. For example, this week’s news cycle brought to pass the story of Secret Service agents allegedly involved with prostitutes and how the administration swore no one from The White House staff was in on it. Come to find out there were staff members there. However, The White House is doing its best to shelve any news or investigation until after the election as was reported.
Another example of Obama’s back burner management is the issue of the blind sheik. Rumors of his possible release have provoked a number of interrogating questions from The White House press at the daily briefing. The White House press secretary spent as little time as possible on the topic. As he did with the business of the embassy attacks, recanting their story several times until the president settles on one version and his staff settling on another.
Several other issues concerning Israel, Egypt, and other Middle East countries have also been put on the down low. The movements of the Muslim Brotherhood have also found their way into the recent news cycles. Again, the administration would avoid dealing with this issue until after the election. With the election still forty some days out. The question is how long can the president afford to skirt the issues coming across his desk in order to avoid any negative publicity which could cost him either votes or even the election. In the end his willfulness for inaction should be a testament to his leadership skills, and help lead to understand what would appear to be the administration’s priorities with such great challenges facing the country demanding his attention.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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