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article imageOp-Ed: Beware of these Internet con men

By Alexander Baron     Sep 22, 2012 in Crime
Like to earn £600 a day risk free and completely legally? Sure you would, and I'd like to change places with Prince William.
Last night I was surfing a porn site researching a future article - that's my story, and I'm sticking to it - and like many such sites (so they tell me) this one has a lot of annoying full screen pop ups. I did my level best to ignore the webcam girls, but when I saw a man making me a tempting offer, I stopped and took note. No, like John Travolta I most definitely do not bat for the opposition. This guy was not offering sex, although he was peddling what is sometimes referred to colloquially as a sexy offer, meaning something seductive, exciting, and maybe even profitable. His offer will certainly be profitable if you accept it, but not for you. Dr James Petersen BSc PhD (see photo below) is offering you the chance to earn big money, simply download his software and install.
To be perfectly honest, I haven't researched what he is offering, but something about the ad caught my eye. I am a man of few talents, though the few things I do, I do exceedingly well, but let's not talk about pot limit razz. One of my talents is that I can look at a page of text and in a few seconds spot a spelling or grammatical mistake. Except for my own; proof-reading requires two pairs of eyes - as I said once in haiku. What drew me to this add was bsc, PhD. Now, this is only a very tiny thing, but BSc is the way it should be written. Anyway, I ran his name through Google, and this is what I found.
There are all manner of these con men from the young and handsome to the old and apparently worldly wise. They come in both sexes and many languages.
A screengrab of one of the many scams that can be found on the Internet.
A screengrab of one of the many scams that can be found on the Internet.
There are plenty of scams out there from phishes, to malware that can find its way onto your machine to empty your bank account, accommodation scams, and just plain old begging letters. There are also - and this is the good news - numerous anti-scam sites from government watchdogs like the FSA and the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre to private websites, bulletin boards and anti-fraud forums, every single one of them a few mouse clicks away.
If a stranger walked up to you in the street and offered you the chance to make £600 a day risk free and legally, you wouldn't give him the time of day. So don't be taken in by an attractive young woman with an Australian accent who offers you a chance to partner "the most amazing product ever to be launched”. Her or anyone like her, however alluring the presentation. Incidentally, the scam Prelaunch Australia has now folded before it began, although it appears to have duped a number of people, hopefully a small number. The fact that it never even got off the ground is due to concerned netizens - people like you.
Remember that old saying, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. There ain't no easy money. Not for you. If you want free money and you have nothing better to do than sit at home in front of your computer surfing all day, sign up for a few poker sites, there is plenty of free money on them. Free, but not easy!
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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