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article imageTopFinds: Kate's topless photos go viral, Monsanto's bad press

By David Silverberg     Sep 21, 2012 in Internet
The Royal Family is in a titter over topless photos of Kate Middleton appearing in European magazines. Researchers find tumors in rats fed GMO food from Monsanto. Why Gangnam Style has become a global hit. These are the top stories on Digital Journal.
As we do every week, we've collected the top news stories and compiled them on one page. Digital Journalists reported on the latest food news, sports videos winning attention, intriguing inventions and much more.
We also highlight some of major topics Digital Journalists have been covering recently. Note you can see the trending topics at the top of any page on our news network, in the black bar. They are changing constantly to react to what people are reading on the site. We wanted to include this feature to let you know the topics people want to read about on Digital Journal.

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Top Digital Journal Reports

New soda can 'Smart Tab' poised to 'change the world' (Includes interview and first-hand account) by J Ocean Dennie
A seemingly simple innovation to the aluminum can is causing waves not only for its improved functionality but for what its inventor intends to do with the proceeds from his invention.
Former Bush insider David Frum tackles U.S. politics in new novel (Includes first-hand account) by Andrew Moran
“Just as many things are too strange for fiction, so other things are too true for journalism," said David Frum, author and conservative commentator, who visited Toronto to discuss his new book and the state of United States politics.
CBC Radio’s Alison Smith (L) and conservative commentator David Frum.
CBC Radio’s Alison Smith (L) and conservative commentator David Frum.
Romney's closed door comments caught on tape (Includes interview) by Greta McClain
Mitt Romney told approximately 30 donors "people who support Obama do so because they are 'dependent on government'" and "believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing. My job is is not to worry about those people."
Op-Ed: Dolphin activist campaign urges media to cover Taiji Cove (Includes interview) by Elizabeth Batt
After a brutal start to the dolphin hunt season, activists fight back by campaigning their way into CNN coverage of the mass killing of pilot whales and dolphins at Taiji Cove, in Japan.
Op-Ed: ‘Innocence of Muslims’ – What the violent reaction signifies (Includes interview) by Ernest Dempsey
Are historical and religious figures above criticism? What are the limits of free speech and why it sets people on fire?

Top Images

No  it s not  Apocalypse Now   it s the Mini-War exercise of the SANDF.
No, it's not "Apocalypse Now", it's the Mini-War exercise of the SANDF.
World Design Capital 2012 in Helsinki
World Design Capital 2012 in Helsinki
When the massive cedars generously grant an opening  it s to view something spectacular.
When the massive cedars generously grant an opening, it's to view something spectacular.
Baker at Back in the Day Bakery with a tray of Old Fashioned cupcakes.  Savannah  GA
Baker at Back in the Day Bakery with a tray of Old Fashioned cupcakes. Savannah, GA

In the Media

Video: Soccer player throws away bomb moments before explosion by David Silverberg
Captured on video, a local Iranian soccer match was disrupted by a bomb explosion. One of the players unsuspectingly tossed the grenade-like device off the pitch a few seconds before it exploded.
Soldier gives birth in Afghanistan, didn't know she was pregnant by Anne Sewell
On Tuesday, a British servicewoman, who was apparently unaware of her pregnancy, gave birth to a son at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan.
Monsanto's GM corn and weedkiller cause rats tumors and mortality by Arthelo Palma
French scientists found tumors, multiple organ damage and premature mortality in rats exposed to Monsanto’s genetically modified corn or the company’s top-selling weedkiller, a study published in the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology shows.
New poll shows popularity of Greece's Golden Dawn at 22 percent by Katerina Nikolas
Greece's political barometer for September has revealed that 54 percent of Greeks do not trust any political party. The measure of the popularity of political parties has shown a dramatic swing in the favor of Golden Dawn (Chrysi Avgi).
Video of 18-month-old girl playing with gorillas goes viral by Leigh Goessl
A recently uploaded video on YouTube is going viral. The footage shows an 18-month-old girl playing with gorillas. The clip was published 20 years after it was taken.
Parti Quebecois takes down Canadian flag at Quebec legislature by Andrew Moran
What seems to be a back-and-forth tradition in the province of Quebec, the newly-elected separatist Parti Quebecois stripped the Canadian flag from the legislature as its members were being officially sworn in and took the oath of office.
Toronto gas station attendant dies in 'gas-and-dash' by Arthur Weinreb
The death of a 44-year-old man by someone who left a gas station without paying is leading for calls for better employee safety laws.
Video: Man pays $137 ticket fine with origami dollar pigs by Elizabeth Batt
Ticked off at receiving a traffic fine of $137, a man carefully folds each dollar into an origami pig and delivers the litter to the municipal court in two donut boxes.
Video: Gangnam Style is the YouTube rave of the moment by JohnThomas Didymus
Millions recently watched Britney Spears learn how to do "Gangnam Style" on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Psy's (Park Jae Sung) galloping horse-ride dance style is the rave of the moment on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.
Donut burger available at Slater's 50/50 during football season by Leigh Goessl
A restaurant has announced it is offering a special breakfast menu item during the American football season, a Donut Burger.
Screen capture of a Slater s 50/50 Donut Burger  a limited time menu offering
Screen capture of a Slater's 50/50 Donut Burger, a limited time menu offering
Slater's 50/50
UFO mothership stalks International Space Station? by JohnThomas Didymus
UFO hunters say that the International Space Station (ISS) is under surveillance by a "UFO mothership." They allege they have observed in recent footage from ISS's live camera, a giant UFO mothership hovering close to the space station.
'Closer' hints having Kate Middleton and Prince William sex pics by Armando Tamayo
The French magazine editor who published Kate Middleton's topless photos in the French magazine 'Closer' on Friday now hints at possessing sex pictures of the British Royal couple.
Op-Ed: Today the fuse has been lit for Armageddon by Eliot Elwar
This month, the White House declines Netanyahu's request to meet with Obama, while Obama offers to meet with new Egyptian President Morsi. The damaged relationship between Israel and America has lit the fuse for Armageddon.
Photo: Vancouver 'Drunk Baby' passport photo goes viral online by JohnThomas Didymus
A passport photo of the five-month-old baby of a Vancouver Reddit user, Jorge Churano, has gone viral online. The adorable baby looks sort of "laid back" in the photo, or more frankly, groggy and slack-jawed in a tipsy-looking manner.

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Brazilian Black Bean Stew Recipe by Tim Sandle
Here is a recipe I tried the other day for a yummy Brazilian Black Bean Stew. It makes for a hearty meal. The meat...
Chromodoris splendida: a stylish sea slug endemic to New South Wales by Igor I. Solar
The beauty and diversity of terrestrial and aquatic organisms never ceases to amaze me. A few days ago I posted a blog...
New "Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!" Facebook Page Online by Johnny Simpson
With all the recent controversy over the release of the crappy indie film Innocence of Muslims and subsequent rioting...

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