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article imageU.K. prostitutes go door-to-door offering cheap sex to pensioners

By Arthur Weinreb     Sep 21, 2012 in Odd News
Conisbrough - Some residents of the estate in Conisbrough, south Yorkshire are angry at the intrusion. Others are ecstatic. And police think the women who are offering cheap sex have an ulterior motive.
Prostitutes have been knocking on doors of an estate in Conisbrough, south Yorkshire. If an elderly man answers, the woman offers to perform sexual services for as little as £2.50 ($US 4.06). The Sun reports there are four women in their 20s, described as being "clean and well dressed." going door to door soliciting at homes populated by the elderly.
One pensioner is quoted in The Indian Express as saying, "It's been going on for about four weeks and it's the talk of the village. It hasn't happened to me because I live in secured accommodation."
There have been several complaints made to the police. One woman is quoted in the Mirror as telling the police, "They have been knocking on doors offering sex. One knocked on my door and when I answered she said, 'Sorry, I've got the wrong place.' The going rate is just £2.50. What sort of girl would do such a thing?"
Police think they have the answer. They believe the women are using the offer of extremely cheap sex to gain entry into houses so they can case the homes for robberies and burglaries. Sgt. Dave Jones, of the Cornisbrough Safe Neighbourhood Team told the Mirror, "If there are opportunists taking advantage of vulnerable people, we need to safeguard them."
Police are setting up a Neighbourhood Watch to combat the problem and to educate elderly men about the dangers of letting these women into their homes.
But not all elderly pensioners are upset or worried. One told the Mirror, "The old blokes around here think all their birthdays have come at once. They're all joking that they are checking their pensions to see if they have £2.50 left, just in case."
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