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article imageOp-Ed: The price of socialism

By Alexander Baron     Sep 22, 2012 in Politics
London - The Socialist Workers Party held a meeting in West London recently. Along with a flyer for that meeting the comrades distributed an application form.
"From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs!" So quoth Karl Marx. Sounds good, doesn't it, but what does it really mean? Who decides what you need?
This and many other slogans are thrown around like confetti by many self-professed socialists.
Here's another slogan, one of Biblical origin: "He who does not work neither shall he eat". That sounded reasonable at the time, after all, things were hard in Palestine, no dishwashers or vacuum cleaners for one, so housewives were kept busy while their husbands went out to earn a crust.
That slogan was amended slightly by Leon Trotsky to read he who does not obey, neither shall he eat. Slight change, big difference.
Trotsky was a murdering thug; he is also the hero of the Socialist Workers Party with his crackpot call for world revolution.
The flyer advertising the aforementioned public meeting is called WHY YOU SHOULD BE A SOCIALIST! It tells ordinary people a lot of things they know already, like austerity isn't working, but what are its solutions?
Their solution is the total overthrow of the capitalist system, which in the accompanying folded leaflet Join the Socialist Workers Party tells us that capitalism is the problem. But is it?
According to the SWP, capitalism "breeds racism, sexism and homophobia, each of which sows division among those who would fight back. It spawns war as rival ruling classes strive to grab more power and wealth. It degrades the environment as companies scramble for profits." And so on.
The SWP is fond of spouting stuff like this, but how true is it? Let's take homophobia for one thing. If capitalism is so keen to promote homophobia, why did the Rockefeller Foundation bankroll the researches of Dr Alfred Kinsey, the man who would have us believe that homosexuality is both extremely widespread and an acceptable lifestyle? Perhaps they should ask Dr Judith Reisman? Equally, why was homosexuality a criminal offence in the Soviet Union?
What about racism? If the wicked capitalists are so intent on promoting racial intolerance and strife, why do they want open borders? Why have the ruling classes in Britain, the United States and every other Western nation allowed mass immigration since the 1940s, immigration that has been opposed tooth and claw by the working class?
There are many other things in this leaflet, but the one thing the SWP does not mention is banking reform, which is the only major problem the wicked capitalist system has.
This is not at all surprising when one learns that Trotsky was bankrolled by wealthy banksters, and especially when one sees the blurb on the back of the leaflet:
"Yes, I would like to join the Socialist Workers Party"
There follow spaces for the applicant to fill in his or her details, and then:
"Recommended monthly membership subscription rates for new members (based on annual income):
Student/Unemployed £5-£10 * £10-£15,000; £10-£25 * ... £30-£35,000: £80-£100 * Over £30,000: please discuss with national treasurer.
On top of that, there is £5 a month to receive Socialist Worker each week, which you can read free here!
People who read and are taken in by the SWP's propaganda, might be led to believe that all capitalists are evil, which begs the question, why did billionaire Bill Gates set up his foundation; why did the billionaire founder of the Chick-fil-A restaurant chain receive a lifetime volunteer service award from the President of the United States; and why do so many wealthy people have long track records of raising funds for charitable causes or even getting their hands dirty working on the ground?
The problems we face - in Britain and elsewhere - do have solutions, but the Socialist Workers Party doesn't have a clue even what these problems are, much less their solutions. If they had their way they would abolish all immigration controls, which would result in an endless flood of so-called asylum seekers, economic migrants and bona fide refugees into Britain. This would put already stretched services to breaking point. Just as bad, they would destroy the wealth creating base of this country by nationalising profit making businesses to make jobs for the boys with their lunatic ideas of a centrally planned economy, but by that time most wealthy people who had the means to do so would have fled abroad.
Finally, all class enemies such as racists, sexists and homophobes would be shipped off to concentration camps for re-education, or simply exterminated, the same way their hero Trotsky ordered the shooting of workers "like ducks in a pond" during the Kronstadt rebellion of March 1921. The homophobes marked down for re-education would include Orthodox Jews and most of the country's estimated two and a half million plus Moslems.
Whatever the cost of austerity, the price of the Trotskyite socialist cure would be way too high.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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