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article imageOp-Ed: No bloody way! Single mums on dole when kids turn 8? Bye, Labor

By Paul Wallis     Sep 21, 2012 in World
Sydney - You have to wonder what sort of animal gives policy advice to the Australian government sometimes. Under a new plan OK’d by PM Julia Gillard, 100,000 Australian single mothers will be put on the dole when their kids turn eight years old.
A dog couldn’t live on the Australian dole. Probably wouldn't even bother trying.
The Telegraph:
The Federal Government wants single parents moved to the Newstart allowance when their youngest child turns eight.
It says the policy, expected to save $728 million over four years, will encourage parents with school-age children to re-enter the workforce sooner.
But the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights has said the government should defer these measures until the outcome of an inquiry into the adequacy of Newstart is known.
Prime Minister Julia Gillard today told reporters in Sydney the evidence was already in.
To put this in perspective. there's some other evidence:
1. The Australian dole, aka Newstart, clocks in around $500 per fortnight or a bit under or over.
2. Eight years old is when kids start getting expensive.
3. Schools often want parents to help out with paying for school amenities.
4. Average rent in Sydney is about $250.
5. For food, call it around $100 a week for mother and child.
6. Electricity, say $40.
7. The job market is flat.
8. The corporate heroes are winding back business investment.
9. Thousands of jobs have recently been lost.
10. What jobs? The employers in Australia are as greedy and money-insane as their counterparts elsewhere. Or is Labor expecting Liberal supporters to hire these women?
11. Jobs don’t pay particularly well, and the “working poor” are already common enough.
A single mum trying to support herself and a child might get a job. More likely she won’t.
What rationale?
The big question  no answers
The big question, no answers
$728 million? That’s peanuts these days. 100,000 Australian women are being sent to hell for that sort of money? You could save a lot more than that by getting defence contracts properly managed, or sacking the parasitic scum in Canberra who produce policies like this.
Over 4 years, that’s $128 million, or about $6.50 per year for the whole Australian population. Call it 2 cents per day. What sort of IQ can take this “saving” seriously?
The public gets little enough for its tax dollars as it is. Services have been evaporating, benefits have been at 1980s levels since 1990 while domestic costs have gone through the roof.
The Labor Party claims to be the party of the workers and the people. This policy could have come direct from the Tea Party. This is a betrayal of basic Labor principles. It’s a betrayal of the Australian people.
It’s also a damn good reason for Labor to lose the next election. The message of the near total obliteration of the NSW Labor government apparently wasn’t strong enough. No Australian government should ever believe it has the right to decide to send 100,000 Australians to hell to save about 2c a day.
Nor should they believe they can get away with it. If this goes through, this government deserves to be destroyed. They’re the Monsanto of children’s rights and the James Hardie of women’s rights.
Whoever’s your current MP, vote the pigs out. They should never believe that even thinking of something like this means anything but the bullet. That’ll mean another hung Parliament this time, but maybe the next herd of cockroaches will get the message if they keep getting voted out.
Canberra isn’t supposed to be a charity, despite the last 111 years of gutless bludgers in office. If you egomaniacal clowns can’t do basic arithmetic and understand social realities, you’ve got no right to represent this country.
Women and kids are off limits for the nutcase political grandstanding.
Those kids are going to have tough enough lives as it is thanks to your political brilliance.
Overpriced education, impossible housing and rent prices, and you don’t even pretend to do a damn thing. “Save” 2c a day, and you’re prepared to throw 100,000 women and their kids on the scrap heap for years?
Go to hell, you bastards, and make it soon.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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