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John Travolta says he's in 'celebrity prison'

By Alexander Baron     Sep 21, 2012 in Entertainment
London - John Travolta is currently in the UK to promote his new film, but when he was interviewed by the BBC he had other things on his mind.
A-List celebrity John Travolta may have it all, but three years ago his eldest son died from a congenital medical condition. At times like that, fame, fortune, good looks and everything else are scant consolation. When Colin Paterson spoke to him for this morning's BBC Breakfast news programme, he opened up about this.
He was also asked about the Kate Middleton affair and said that the paparazzi had clearly overstepped the mark. No matter how famous you are, you are entitled to some privacy, he said, asking Paterson how he would like to be photographed in his own bathroom.
He went further than that though; the man who once danced with Princess Diana drew an analogy that has been made frequently since a scurrilous French magazine invaded Kate's privacy. Diana died in France of course, and the tabloid press were in part morally responsible for her death.
Travolta went so far as to say that in the age of the Internet, there has never been a worse time to be famous, and that he considers himself to be in what he calls celebrity prison.
Diplomatically or otherwise, Paterson didn't ask the star about the affair - or perhaps that should be non-affair - of the male masseurs. Recently, a scurrilous American magazine that will not be named here, has published a big spread by a man said to be his former lover, one of them.
Curiously, Mr Travolta remains a happily married family man - apart from the death of his son. This indicates that however much mud is flung at him, like Barack Obama's cocaine snorting with Larry Sinclair and Dick Cheney's masterminding of the 9/11 attacks, his batting for the opposition is a fairy tale dreamed up by sick minds for their own sordid purposes.
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