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article imageOp-Ed: CBC blog about US denying plans to invade Canada removed

By Paul Wallis     Sep 20, 2012 in Odd News
Toronto - A blog on CBC about an official denial by the US of plans to invade Canada has disappeared. Has the heavy ham hock of US foreign policy emerged from its cave, deleted a blog, and returned unto darkness from whence it came?
The blog was on the Community section of the CBC site, with author John Bowman. There’s a picture of a video, and a 404 message.
A friend of mine sent this to me, and I was already thinking of an article for it when I discovered the blog was gone. Mystified, I wondered if the world’s only stupor-power democracy had managed to uphold its right to refuse to uphold the rights of someone else. It did make some sort of sense. All that upholding really does become a bit wearing. Your manicure really gets knocked around. Hairs may be dislodged from one’s immaculate coiffure.
Then I wondered if CBC had pulled the blog. That was equally mystifying. I was thinking that people could log on to the CBC website, see the headline U.S. 'officially denies' plans to invade Canada and think “Oh how nice!” and want to read it as a nice change. It didn’t seem likely that CBC would pull a feelgood story like that.
So there’s a mystery:
1. Does the US simply not want to make misleading statements?
2. Does Canada secretly want to become part of the US to join in all the fun down there?
3. Does CBC have an alter ego, pulling blogs for its own reasons?
4. Is it a doublethink exercise, sinister Canadians creating an issue of free speech to hide their own plot to take over the US?
5. Will New York become part of Greater Toronto?
6. Will success spoil Rob Ford?
People are advised to remain in their homes and remain alert. This crisis, unlike US political blogging, will pass. The truth will be discovered, if anyone can remember what it looks like.
Update: Got tweets from @John Bowman and @storify- The truth is a little less dramatic- The Storify blog is down. So you guys won't be told you're not going to be invaded until it's back up. Until then, remain calm and do not attempt to carry out meaningful conversations or other strenuous activities.
Update to the update: Of course, there's obviously more to it than that. Canada has been a pariah state for years as a result of its blatant persecution of maple trees. The US has been poised to invade for some time, only restrained by its sense of decency and other franchising opportunities. The denial itself can only be some sort of subtle ploy to catch the Canadians off guard.
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