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article imageOp-Ed: Dale Cregan — Murder, madness and contempt of court

By Alexander Baron     Sep 20, 2012 in Crime
Manchester - Tonight, Dale Cregan has been charged with four murders. Some idiots think he is a hero; other idiots have convicted him already.
The charges against Dale Cregan were announced at a press briefing tonight, and he will appear before magistrates in Manchester in the morning, Friday. In addition to the murders of the two WPCs Fiona Bone and Nicola Hughes, he is to face charges of murdering a son and father, and four other serious charges.
A man has also been arrested after setting up a tribute site to Cregan on Facebook.
In recent weeks we have seen all manner of ludicrous police action over posts on Facebook and Twitter, but in this case - as with those idiots last year who tried to incite riots - it might well be justified. Far more important though than the trolls of halfwits who think gloating over a double murder is funny are those who have branded him a murderer, and worse.
One such page is called Hang Dale Cregan, and by 21.07 London time tonight it had received 18,432 likes. Can there be that many people in Britain who don't understand why they shouldn't do this? Look at Cregan. Does he or does he not look like a right villain, especially with that eye?
Dale Cregan: a photograph issued by Greater Manchester Police.
Dale Cregan: a photograph issued by Greater Manchester Police.
Greater Manchester Police
Assuming the case gets that far, it will be difficult enough for him to get a fair trial anyway. His trial will probably have to be moved out of the area, quite likely to the Central Criminal Court in London. Now marry that to prejudicial comments, gossip and rumour.
It is to be hoped that without necessarily making arrests the legal authorities will do their level best to have such comments and pages removed.
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