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article imageOp-Ed: Obama has a large lead that's growing among Jewish voters

By Ken Hanly     Sep 20, 2012 in Politics
Washington - While there are constant news reports that Israel and the U.S. are at odds over issues such as Iran, Obama has a large lead over Romney among Jewish voters and the gap is even widening.
According to a daily Gallup tracking poll taken between July 1 and Sept. 10, 70% of registered Jewish voters will vote for Barack Obama. Mitt Romney had the support of only 25% and 5% were undecided.
The number voting for Obama is up from earlier data in the spring that showed 64% of Jewish voters supporting Obama with 29% for the Republican candidate.. Romney has accused Obama of "throwing allies such as Israel under the bus" and also failing to deal with Iran's nuclear program in the way Israel would like. These complaints are falling on deaf ears it would seem. However in Florida Obama's support is down somewhat from 2008 but still far ahead of Romney.
A poll commissioned by a Jewish group taken between September 7-9 was released Thursday. The poll found that among Jewish voters support for Obama has gone down from an estimated 74%-to-78% in the 2008 elections to an expected 69% this election.. Romney will win 25% of the votes, up from an estimated 21% won by Republican candidate John McCain in 2008.. However these results still show a huge gap and are in line with national numbers. Nevertheless Republican strategists believe that they may be able to beat Obama in states such as Florida if they can reduce the Jewish vote for Obama somewhat and strengthen the vote for Romney.
The Republican Jewish Coalition, which is backed by casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, will spend $5 million airing TV ads that target Jewish voters criticizing Obama. The ads will run in Florida, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Idaho. Tevi Troy, who is an adviser on foreign policy with the Romney campaign, even managed to put a positive spin on the negative poll numbers.
Troy said: “At 70 percent support, Obama would be suffering a significant drop (from 2008), The range between what George H.W. Bush got in 1992 (11 percent) and the high-water mark Reagan got in 1980 (39 percent) — we’re right in the middle of that. If we go higher than 25 percent, that is good news for the Republicans.”
Rabbi Kurt Stone an Obama supporter in South Florida noted that Obama had increased military aid for Israel and even supported the Iron Dome Missile defense system. Obama and former Florida congressman Robert Wexler said: “There is very little Mr. Romney and (vice presidential candidate Paul) Ryan offer in their agenda — from the economy to health care to foreign policy — that a majority of Jewish Americans are comfortable with. .Conversely, Jewish Americans are comfortable with President Obama and his agenda.”
In any event the polls show that among Jewish voters Obama enjoys more than a two to one lead over Romney.
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