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article imageOp-Ed: iOS 6 leaves something to be desired on iPad 2 Special

By Oliver VanDervoort     Sep 20, 2012 in Technology
The release of iOS 6 has quite a few of the Apple fanboys excited about what the new operating system can do for the iPhone. For the iPad 2, it seems that quite a bit was left out or left somewhat unstable.
Since its release yesterday there have been a number of different articles that have talked about all the features that came along with it. There have also been plenty of articles about just how the new operating system has fallen short, especially when it comes to their new mapping application.
Owning an iPad 2, I knew that the release wasn't going to be quite as big as it would be if I had an iPhone. Despite a lot of talk of Siri coming to the iPad it turns out that the voice command assistant is only being offered on the newest iPad. That was certainly disappointing to find out, but there are a couple of features that did come to the iPad 2 that still allowed the iOS 6 to make its mark.
The biggest, most notable change is a revamping of the UI when it comes to the app store. The store has a new look and feel and way to search for the application you are looking for. This is also the biggest drag when it comes to the iPad because there appears to be a major glitch in the new UI. I have tried time and time again to access the list of purchased applications I have, and every single time I've tried, the screen shows the loading icon and then after a few minutes, crashes. I've restarted the iPad, tried the menu again and the same thing happens over and over.
This doesn't mean that I can't access the apps I have purchased. If I look for them individually there is a clear notation that I had purchased or downloaded the app before. It just seems odd that I'm not able to pull up the main screen that shows them all. Perhaps most odd is the fact that the situation is quite different when it comes to looking at purchased music, television shows or movies. That screen comes up quite quickly and easily.
It appears that the greatest change that came along with iOS 6 on the iPad 2 is the full integration with Twitter and Facebook and the apparent juicing of the browsing speed of Safari. It is plenty cool to be able to swipe down on the main screen and quickly and easily post to my favorite social media sites. Safari now zips along when it comes to loading pages at a speed that is remarkably faster than it used to be.
On the whole, it appears that iOS 6 is a definite improvement, but when it comes to the iPad 2, it could have been a whole lot better.
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