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article imageBacklit screen may cause sleep disorder

By Christopher Wager     Sep 19, 2012 in Health
Tweeting, texting, and Facebooking may not be the only things keeping you up at night. New research shows how backlit screens on your favorite gadget, also maybe causing you to lose sleep.
According to a report by the Lighting Research Center, printed in The Processor IT newspaper. As little as two hours of viewing before bedtime from such back lighted screen such as those found in tablets and smart-phones, is enough to disrupt sleep.
The LRC has discovered this type of light viewing can potentially cause the suppression of the hormone melatonin, produced by the pineal gland when a person is exposed to darkness. In turn, helps regulate the 1 circadian system.
This effect appears to be more predominate in teens. The suppression of melatonin disrupting sleep can lead to other sleep related health problems. Such as an increase risk in diabetes, obesity, and auto accidents because of the reduced alertness and response times.
The LRC is putting hope in manufactures to produce, “Circadian system friendly” lighting alternatives.
1(Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Biology) of or relating to biological processes that occur regularly at about 24-hour intervals. Or biological clock.
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