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article imageOp-Ed: Minnesota High School Holds Predator and Prey Days

By Viga Boland     Sep 18, 2012 in Lifestyle
Crookston - A Minnesota high school's student council put forward an idea for a "Predator and Prey" day, wherein the boys become hunters and the girls become the hunted. The school superintendent saw no harm in the idea, so the day was approved as a fun activity.
On "predator and prey day", the boys get to dress up in camouflage and/or other hunter clothing, while the girls wear animal prints. In this neck of the woods, hunting is a popular past-time, so apart from the name, which was changed to "Camo Day" very few thought the idea objectionable.
But some groups and individuals, myself included, who are concerned with issues like rape, sexual abuse, the victimization of women and children, or the perpetration of the idea of women as prey do find this "fun" activity objectionable. Maybe it's all just fun, but if both the student council and those who approved this had thought a bit more about the implications and the message such activity promotes, they might have thought twice. Surely we don't need more ways of saying it's okay to hunt and abuse women like they were just animals put here for men's pleasure and fun!
The writer of the original article states:
But we can’t ignore that the students came up with this idea, and presumably that included some female students. Maybe when Bates said they didn’t think their event could be “taken in another way,” he meant that of course girls are supposed to like being hunted by powerful and violent men, and it wasn’t supposed to be taken as anything non-consensual.
I suggest that not only did they not think the event would be taken in another way: they just didn't think, period! And yes, most likely there were female students on the committee that came up with the idea. Doesn't that just prove how accepting these young women already are of being the hunted sex of our species? Basically, they are saying, it's okay for a woman to be overpowered and victimized by a male. After all, "50 Shades of Grey" is a runaway best-seller with women readers fantasizing about being overpowered by the dominant male. I wonder if they'd feel that way if, like so many other women they were truly hunted, over-powered and sexually abused by a man.
Of course, most men reading this will probably think "oh it's just good fun" to hunt. After all, as the original article points out, men mount antlers on their walls and have big-boobed beauties on the mud-flaps of their cars. "It's a guy thing" .
Well I wonder how the guys would feel if the roles were reversed? After all, male sexual abuse is also way too common. Maybe the whole concept of the sexes hunting each other down and victimizing them is just a bad idea altogether. It certainly doesn't belong on a school's agenda.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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