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article imageOp-Ed: Illegal abortion and anti-abortion in the UK

By Alexander Baron     Sep 18, 2012 in Crime
Leeds - A woman who aborted her nearly full term baby has been given an 8 year prison sentence, while an elderly man has been given a suspended sentence for protesting against abortion.
Gotta love that slogan "A woman's right to choose". After all, if a woman is carrying a baby that will be hideously deformed or handicapped, surely it is kinder for all concerned to kill it. Why don't we ask Tisha what she thinks? The vast majority of abortions though are carried out for reasons of convenience rather than out of any supposedly humanitarian considerations.
In Britain, a determined woman can legally abort a baby up until it is 24 weeks old. If you don't know what a 24 week old foetus looks like, here is one at 12 weeks. Whose right to choose?
In 1999, Sarah Catt gave up a baby for adoption. Later she had a termination - the euphemism for abortion nowadays. Yesterday, the mother who has two children with her husband was given an eight year sentence for another termination, this one at 39 weeks. The reason for this appears to be that the baby was not her husband's; she was said to have been having an affair with a work colleague but left it too late to have a legal abortion, so she bought some drugs off the Internet, aborted herself and buried the baby.
Having consulted the authorities over her pregnancy, they became concerned when she didn't register the birth a few weeks later. The baby was a boy, apparently, but his body has not been found; Catt refused to tell the police where she had buried her son. Gaoling her for eight years at Leeds Crown Court, the judge said what she had done was somewhere between manslaughter and murder.
While abortion can be a crime, so can protesting against it. Six years ago, 75 year old Edward Atkinson was given a 28 day gaol sentence for sending pictures of aborted foetuses to hospital staff after ignoring an official warning. Six years on, the anti-abortion activist has been given a three month suspended sentence for the same "offence" having been found in breach of an anti-social behaviour order for the third time.
“I am not going to stop until the scourge of abortion has been lifted from our law” were the words of this grand old codger.
How many abortions were carried out in the UK last year? You will find detailed information for England and Wales here, but be warned, the statistics are frightening.
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