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article imageReview: UK Soap Coronation Street — Baby Dobb's name's really appropriate

By Jane Reynolds     Sep 17, 2012 in Entertainment
A 'sideways' review of the latest goings-on in Coronation Street, the popular British Soap Opera.
This post looks at episodes broadcast in the UK 10th-14th September 2012
*Warning: May Contain Spoilers*
Deirdre's drinking red; Tommy and Tina are in the red, and Tyrone's baby's name matches the red marks on his back!
Wonderful Corrie humour this week as Deirdre's stuffed marrow was back on the menu. After finding out that Ryan was Tracy's latest conquest, Ken used it as the perfect excuse to absent himself from the gastronomic horror by sensibly hiding himself upstairs.
"Ken? Your dinner's going cold. It'll be fit for nowt soon," Deirdre called to him.
"It's fit for nowt now," Tracy quipped. Boom, boom!
Once Deirdre had got over the shock (by consuming a vat of red wine), she was all over Ryan like a rash. He wants to be careful: Deirdre's 'got form', and started reminiscing about Samir.
"He was the love of my life … actually, Tracy's got one of his kidneys," she sighed wistfully.
Gloria upsets the locals!
More delicious comedy as Gloria continued upsetting all and sundry up and down the street. Lovely scenes with Gail when she asked her what her job was and Gail told her she was a cleaner.
"Have you been doing it long," Gloria asked her innocently.
"No," she replied.
"Didn't think so," Gloria sniffed.
We need a bit of light relief from the misery round at the Windass's, and Gloria's a real tonic. Sorry, but the surrogate storyline's SO tedious. It feels as if it's been going on for nine months already, and nobody's even pregnant yet!
Rubies are red, Ty's black and blue …
Baby Dobbs has got a name: Ruby. It's really appropriate. Rubies are red, and red matches the red marks down Tyrone's back. Huh. Curse-ty's all smiles this week, but how long will it last? This is no 'happy ever after' storyline, and I can't wait for her to snap again.
So many to choose from, but here's the very best in my Grins of the Week:
Deirdre: "Ken? Are you going to stay up there all night? You're going to miss my stuffed marrow."
Tracy: "That's hardly going to tempt him down."
Michelle: "When you're heading for 40 you tend to put weight on faster, don't you Trace?
Tracy: "Well, you'd know."
Gail (about Gloria's partner): "Is he really 'high up' in the criminal underworld?
Glo: "It's all that plastic surgery. If I didn't see him for a week I wouldn't recognise him."
Sean: "By God, our Betty knew how to hold a grudge. Dead or alive: I wouldn't want to cross her."
Deirdre (about Ryan): "You are the same age as his mother."
Tracy: "Oh, you're a fine one to talk. It's the same difference as you and dad."
Deirdre: "Maybe, but we didn't start dating while I was still in nappies."
Steve: "Thank you for your stuffed marrow Deirdre. It was an experience I'll … never forget."
* Kirk's got his eye on Beth by the look of it. Hmm. Kirk's 30. I can't find out how old Beth is but I'm guessing she's slightly older? Lots of comic potential between them (and Craig!) though.
* The latest love of Lloyd's life – Mandy – has got a secret. No surprise there, but what will it be? As long as she's not a rival cab firm owner I don't think I mind!
* Carla fans: we're past the half way mark. 12th July she left. Less than two months now until she's back. Hang on in there girls!
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