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article imageReview: UK Soap Emmerdale — Chas is rattled & Paddy rattles a cop's teeth

By Jane Reynolds     Sep 17, 2012 in Entertainment
A 'sideways' review of the latest goings-on in Emmerdale, the popular British Soap Opera.
For episodes broadcast in the UK 10th - 14th September 2012
*Warning: May Contain Spoilers*
Carl's rattling Charity's cage; Chas was rattled to find out what he knew, and Paddy rattled that Copper's teeth when he hit him!
Carl's in his element now that he's blackmailing Chas. I suspect that it's more because he actually loves her than because he wants the money back, but realises that's all he's likely to get out of it now that she's admitted to him that she's desperately in love with Cameron.
Carl knows that there could never be a chance for them to get together again so he's just going to try and hurt her as much as he can instead.
He's also trying to rattle Charity's cage by telling her to 'know her place', but she already does – and that place is running the haulage business. She's offered to buy Jimmy's shares for twice their worth, and Charity isn't a woman to take 'no' for an answer.
Gennie puts her foot down and Nikhil watches!
Another woman who's determined to get her own way is Gennie, and she's got Nikhil well-and-truly where she wants him. His framed running shirt was first for the skip when he wasn't looking, apparently, and HOW funny was it when she kicked her shoes off and he picked them straight up? I loved the bit where he pointed his fingers at Rachel to let her know he was 'watching' her too!
They're SO perfect together, and although Nikhil rarely seems to get anything right at the moment in Gennie's eyes, offering to buy her some clothes was a 'hole in one', and HOW touching was it when he just held her in his arms like that? That's what she needs more than anything else right now. Bless.
Vic's been voicing her disapproval at Alex and Moira's dalliance, and I loved how when Moira offered her a drink as a peace offering she asked for a bottle of wine!
"Don't drink it all on your own," Diane cautioned.
"I won't. I'm not giving any to that skank," Victoria replied indignantly.
"She just bought that!" Adam chipped in (thinking she'd meant his mum).
"I was on about Kerry," Vic replied.
"I knew that," he mumbled in embarrassment. Great line. Goodness, gracious me!
It's 'good Cain' this week
Come on; they were way too young to have been thinking of buying a house together anyway. It was such a shame that Alex didn't support Moira when it all came out though, and five minutes later he found himself out on his ear.
Luckily, it was only another five minutes later before Cain offered him a job at the Garage. Aah, he did it because he wanted Moira to offer his dad some work. I love Cain. I love how one minute you think he's a monster and the next minute you're touched by his kindness. I'd like to see him and Moira get together 'properly' now, and for him to move in with her at the farm. It's about time he settled down, and that affair was sizzling!
More sizzling scenes as Paddy and Marlon's fight got them both arrested. Did we ever think we'd see the day when these two would be wrestling and throwing punches at each other? No, but did we think we'd be seeing Rhona legging it with Leo either? I don't think any of us were expecting THAT!
Is Rhona running out on the pair of them?
Do you think she's leaving for good? What a twist THAT would be, and how heartbreaking for Paddy. Can't wait for next week to see what happens there, and I'm just loving the way you can feel the whole pace quickening like a snowball as we lead up to the live episode.
Al Green's 'Let's Stay Together' (I'm so in love with you, etc) was playing in the background as Cameron and Chas talked and kissed outside the party, and Russ Abbott's 'I love a party with a happy atmosphere' was playing at the Dingles'. 'Happy' was the last thing that party was!
We had some Good Drinking from a Mug from Carl, and an absolute feast of Grins of the Week!
Nicola: "Are you listening to him?" (Jimmy)
Carl: "Not really. Isn't that your job?"
Chas: "I don't know what to say."
Zak: "Ooh, that'll be a first."
Moira: "Can I get you a drink?"
Victoria: "Why would I want a drink off a pie-faced slapper like you?"
Nicola: "Jimmy not with you?"
Carl: "Yeah – he's got his stealth cloak on. 'There you go James'," (sliding his sandwich down the empty bar)!
Misery Ali: "Sucking-up to the in-laws?"
Dan: "Don't have to. They already like me."
Misery Ali: "Yeah. So did MY family at first."
Carl: "You're really throwing yourself into these arrangements, aren't you?"
Chas: "I'll be throwing you OUT in a minute."
Rodney: "I'm sure Jimmy wouldn't mind."
Charity: "You could stab Jimmy through the heart and he wouldn't mind."
Priya: "If you're after a sandwich, it's shut."
Carl: "What if I'm after a pie?"
Priya: "What?"
Carl: "Never mind … idiot."
Priya: Have you seen David?"
Carl: "Yeah. In his shop … yesterday."
Charity (to Nikhil): "Oh dear. What's happening? Have you had a hygiene flip?"
* OK, WHO took that photo of Cameron and Chas in bed in the hotel? Room service? There's no way they could have taken it themselves. Any suggestions?
* "Ooh, go on: frisk me. I like that!" Carl laughed when Chas was trying to get the phone back off him. You could see from his face that he really DID like it!
* Dan was urging Chas to hurry up so that they could get into town as the shops were going to shut soon. If they first had to catch the bus into town, wouldn't they be too late?
* Ironic that Ashley had to tell Laurel that Abby didn't want to see her. It's barely five minutes since it was the other way round!
* Adam's on shaky ground disapproving of Moira and Alex's fling. He was doing the same thing himself with Ella not so very long ago!
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