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article imageVideo: Man pays $137 ticket fine with origami dollar pigs

By Elizabeth Batt     Sep 17, 2012 in Odd News
Ticked off at receiving a traffic fine of $137, a man carefully folds each dollar into an origami pig and delivers the litter to the municipal court in two donut boxes.
Protesting what he says is "a town where the cops (and absurd redlight cameras) are pretty much a money trap," YouTube user Bacon Moose, spends six hours folding 137 dollar bills into individual origami pigs before delivering them to his local Municipal Court.
He then videoed the entire exchange between himself, the clerk and later a police officer.
"Yes, I know the video kinda sucks," said Bacon Moose on his YouTube page, "I stuffed a phone sideways in my tshirt pocket and just let it run while I was there, was kinda difficult to aim it."
But the video isn't bad, and captured the amusing interaction perfectly.
"How will you be paying that today?'' asks the clerk.
"Cash" responds origami guy.
He then opens up the first box of pigs corralled in a Dunkin' Donut box and pushes them through the window.
"What's that?" says the clerk.
"It's the $137," he replies.
"I am not gonna take it like that."
"Why not? Bacon Moose asks, "It's legal tender."
"I understand that, I understand that. But the way that it's folded? I am not gonna sit here and unfold all that," the clerk explains.
The conversation continues to go back and forth, and finally Bacon Moose says, "I would have paid by card, but you charge a 5% processing fee."
Still refusing to accept the cash pigs (perhaps cows might have been less inflammatory and more appropriate), the court clerk realizing that he isn't getting anywhere, summons a police officer to the window who only echoes his coworker's sentiments.
"But look at the pretty little piggies," Bacon Moose pleaded.
The officer acknowledges that yes, while the pigs are cute, the court has no way to store the swine. He then directs man and pigs to another counter so that origami guy can unfold them. Amused by now, the officer snaps a picture. "Little piggies in a donut box, I got it, I got it," he said.
Bacon Moose duly stands and unfolds all but one of the dollar pigs which he returns to the clerk. This lone pig, ''Admiral Atbacon,'' he says, is "the sole survivor of the great dollar pig massacre of 2012."
The clerk by this point can only laugh and takes a picture of his own. He then advises Bacon Moose to be more creative with his time in future.
For some YouTube users, the video was a bit much.
Dapez14 said, "This is one of the most lame videos I have ever seen. Have you ever made a funny vid??"
"Yes" he had, answered Bacon Moose, "It was with your mother. Unfortunately I can't post it as it violates the Youtube terms of service."
InBloodChains added, "After watching this, I am left with nothing but respect for the calm way the people in the clip handled your bullshit. What did you think to accomplish with this?"
Bacon Moose countered, "Actually, some fortune teller told me that if I did it, it would make the video go viral and show up on pretty much all the news networks and all over online."
Almost 700,000 views later ... origami guy quipped, "Pretty damn good fortune teller huh?"
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