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article imageDo NHL players think fans are chumps - or are they the chumps?

By Marcus Hondro     Sep 17, 2012 in Sports
It's getting tiresome already. It's but two days in this time an already the lockout in the NHL is tiresome. We have less patience than last time. We will not suffer fools and we won't suffer being played as fools.
And we are being played as fools. In print ads, broadcasts and sound bites on sports news. Gary Bettman is incurring all the wrath but in reality he is simply telling it like it is, he's saying straight up that the owners want a greater split of hockey related revenue, period. The players are not being straight, however, and either think fans are chumps or they themselves are being taken in by their leader, Donald Fehr.
Here's James Reimer playing us for fools (and he's not the only one): “We don’t need to have a lockout,” Reimer says in an NHLPA video. "We could keep playing and bargain at the same time." The Leafs goalie goes on to tell us that bargaining and playing is "not what the owners want to do. They want a lockout and use it as a tactic. The fans lose the game they love.”
CBA expired so NHLPA should negotiate
Isn't it obvious the reason they can't play under the old contract is because it expired, and when a contract expires you bargain for a new one. Play under the old one and your motivation to bargain faithfully on a new one is out the window. Why? Because the reason you are willing to play under the old one is that it is beneficial to you and not the other side. Could you see the players playing under the old contract if it had a salary cap limit of 50 million dollars instead of 70.2 million dollars? Not a chance.
But that's the NHLPA party line, repeated each day by scores of NHL hockey players: "It's not our fault, we want to play under the old contract, we love fans and respect them, but they won't let us play." Obviously they won't, they think the contract unfair and now that it's expired, they want to negotiate a new one. That's what happens in labor. They made the last offer, now it's your turn to to submit a contract, not focus on public relations. This will go on endlessly, a season, longer, if you don't get back to bargaining.
NHL owners want a 50-50 split in HRR. Tell us why they don't deserve that, we'd be interested in knowing. But don't go on endlessly about fans being deprived and people whose jobs depend on the NHL being out of work. It's all PR, it's all spin. Be honest and put the blame where it belongs: on the owners and players. Put it on the greed of the both of you because whether or not you admit it, we fans know that is exactly where it belongs.
We're not chumps.
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