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article image'Resident Evil' wins but 'The Master' is all the rage

By Tim O'Brien     Sep 16, 2012 in Entertainment
No matter what the spin will be as to whether audiences found their way back to theaters this weekend or that it is bouncing back, "The Master" shouldn't be overlooked.
Perhaps one could throw in "Arbitrage," too, as it was in only 197 theaters and lands in 12th place with over $2 million ($10,508 per screen average).
But, in only five theaters in Los Angeles and New York, "The Master" racked up a whopping $145,949 per screen. As the film preps itself for an award season run, the wide releases did not have a terrible weekend, either. If one can call a winner at the top as just grossing $21 million, then have at it. It isn't really, but as a franchise, they can call it a win for "Resident Evil: Retribution."
Then there is "Finding Nemo 3D", which perhaps should have done much better considering people love the fish tale. However, they didn't love it enough the second go around, with the added technology. At least not enough to want to fork over the extra cash. Hey, it is no "Titanic" or "Star Wars." It's not even "Lion King," which did much more as it got the same treatment a year ago.
1. "Resident Evil: Retribution" - $21.1 million
2. "Finding Nemo 3D" - $17.5 million
3. "The Possession" - $5.8 million
4. "Lawless" - $4.2 million
5. "ParaNorman" - $3 million
The other list must deal with the per screen average title winners. With "The Master" and "Moonrise Kingdom," out there, let's take a look.
Per screen average
1. "The Lion King" - in two theaters, $793,377
2. "Pocahontas" - in six theaters, $448,285
3. "The Princess and the Frog" - in two theaters, $393,095
Please note that "The Master" and "Moonrise Kingdom" are not in the top five, as they fall in ninth and 11th place, respectively. Here is the take on those two films, released in 2012. It is being noted that "The Master" is now tops in per screen average for art house films, beating "Moonrise Kingdom," which had $130,749 in four theaters.
Sure, the box office rebounded a bit, but needs more a boost as it ends the year.
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