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article imageVideo: Gangnam Style is the YouTube rave of the moment

By JohnThomas Didymus     Sep 16, 2012 in Entertainment
Millions recently watched Britney Spears learn how to do "Gangnam Style" on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Psy's (Park Jae Sung) galloping horse-ride dance style is the rave of the moment on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.
According to, Pinterest even has a "four step picture guide for visual learners which includes wearing sunglasses, being a cowboy, riding the horse and making it to the finish line."
PC World reports that the "Gangnam Style" video took YouTube by storm after it was posted in July, receiving more than 100 million views in the first 51 days. According to NY Daily News, it received more than 175 million views in the first two months, beating Justin Bieber's "Baby" and Rebecca Black's "Friday." Psy became the first Korean artist to be invited to the VMAs since Rain in 2005, according to Korea Times. Millions of Americans watched him do the Gangnam at the 2012 MTV VMAs, and the vogue keeps spreading like wildfire.
Acccording to Yahoo! the rapper, as part of his tour of the US, also appeared on Saturday Night Live with hosts Seth MacFarlaine, Jason Sudeikis and Kenan Thompson.
PC World comments that in spite of the fact that it is just catching on in 2012, the style has been around for a long time in the Korean or K-pop industry, with Psy having been doing his unique variation of the style for well over a decade.
PC World explains that his latest album, the sixth, has become a global hit because of the success of the promotional video on YouTube. PC World opines that only the explosion of online social media can account for Psy's success where Japanese pop artist DJ Ozma's 2006 cover of the 1999 single, Soon Jung, by Korean pop group KOYOTE, failed. According to PC World, DJ Ozma's song had the same patterns of choreography and set pieces as Psy's Gangnam Style. The website comments:
"After all, unless one is proficient in Korean, then the comedic lyrical content of the song (which pokes fun at the luxurious lifestyle associated with the Gangnam district in South Korea) will most likely be lost on the majority of listeners. By far, it was the video on YouTube that helped to not only expose the song to a worldwide audience, but also encourage people to share it with their extended friend networks."
Gangnam Style may be described as "horse-ride dancing." It is the slang-term alluding to the racy lifestyle of "classy" Korean men of the Gangnam district that makes girls fall for them. Psy tells his girl-to-be in the song and chorus, "Oppan Gangnam style," that he's the right guy for her 'cos he's got Gangnam Style. According to the NY Daily News, "Oppa" is Korean for an "older brother" and it is the term girls use to address older men or their "sugar daddies."
According to Psy, Gangnam Style is "a horse-riding dance. So there is an invisible horse, and you're on it." reports that after Britney Spears tweeted her interest to learn the dance, Ellen DeGeneres surprised her by bringing Psy to her show. Psy showed Spears how to do the Gangnam. According to "It all start(s) with a light trot and then some invisible rope swinging which Britney attempted in her stilettos."
PC World concludes: "Gangnam Style is an example of what can be achieved on the Internet by offering the right content for the right audience at the right time... When asked about his inspiration behind the song, PSY said that it was a combination of the weather in South Korea being too hot during the summer, as well as the poor state of the local economy."
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