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article imageVideo: Skydiver's GoPro camera drops, captures free-fall 12,500ft

By JohnThomas Didymus     Sep 16, 2012 in Sports
A GoPro camera mounted on a helmet fell out of its case as the owner leaped out of a plane. The camera captured every moment of the dizzying 12,500 ft free fall, including the moment its owner landed and retrieved it, in a video posted to YouTube.
According to The Huffington Post, Lucas Damm was skydiving with friends near Pitt Meadows in British Columbia, Canada. The Daily Mail reports he arranged to capture his dive on a GoPro camera mounted on his helmet inside a protective case. He accidentally hit the case on the plane's door as he took the dive. The camera fell out of the case and took the 12,500 ft dive ahead of its owner.
According to Lucas, commenting as YouTube user "MartialArt23":
"bumped my head on the door frame on exit unclasping the latch on the box. The camera popped out on exit at 12.500 and fell straight down onto the landing area at the DZ and was recovered by a fellow skydiver. It even caught our landings. Not one scratch on the body or lens. Still can't believe that I got it back and that it is totally fine. A buddy the same day who is one of our camera flyers had the same thing happen but with his SLR....not the same result. I'm definitely a gopro fan for life these little guys are bomb proof."
The camera faithfully shot the entire free fall, spinning wildly all the way as it fell, giving an impression of what it looks (feels?) like falling 12,500 ft without a parachute. Amazingly, the camera landed upright and caught the skydivers landing. According to The Huffington Post, the owner of the camera, Lucas, did not realize that the camera fell out of its protective case as he prepared to dive. Lucas felt disappointed when he discovered the camera was missing from its case. However, one of his companions found the camera. Daily Mail transcribes the conversation as Lucas's friend returned the camera:
I'm just showing you my new camera. I'm not giving it back to ya. Where'd ya lose it?'
"Where did you find it?" Lucas asks
"In the field where it landed."
Lucas shouts: "No way! I lost it in freefall!"
"Dude man, that is going to be a cool video."
However, reports that many viewers are suspicious that the video is a "staged publicity stunt for GoPro." Lucas denies this allegation.The Huffington Post reports he said: "It's just one of those random things. It's like winning the lottery of lotteries. For everything to come together the way that it happened is mind-boggling." comments: "In either case, it's makes for a pretty nifty commercial for GoPro."
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